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Photos Of Wooden Box Sandra Sutton Was Held In By James Barton Horn Released By Police

Photos of wooden box Sandra Sutton was held captive in by former Marine James Barton Horn were just released by police in Missouri. The wood box was not much more than a crate the woman was locked inside of until she escaped. Ms. Sutton was then attacked and killed a few weeks later.

The Missouri woman was reportedly kept in the wood box off and on for months before she escaped and fled. Sandra Kay Sutton, 46, and her son, Zachary Wade Sutton, 17, were found inside their Clinton home on Thursday. Sutton and her teen son were both shot in the head.

The photos of the wooden box released Thursday show a crudely made wooden crate that housed a sleeping bag, water bottle and a bucket that police say held Sandra Sutton’s urine and feces. The wooden box Sutton was kept in was reportedly 100 inches long, 45 inches wide, and 52 inches tall.

James Horn Jr. was arrested and charged with kidnapping, unlawful use of a weapon and armed criminal action, but was released from jail and has been at large ever since. Clinton police investigators immediately suspected Horn in the murders of Sandra Sutton and her son. Sedalia is located approximately 45 miles from the home of the Missouri murder victims.

The body of the woman kept in a wooden box and the remains of Zach Sutton were reportedly found by relatives when they returned home after work. Missouri police officers had searched for James Barton Horn, 47, for about a week before police found him hiding in a rural area. Horn was shot and killed during his apprehension.

James Horn was shot and killed by police during the late evening hours on Saturday. Missouri law enforcement officers reportedly felt a friend or relative may have been helping Horn hide from police.

“He’s a veteran of the Marines. There’s a skill set one might learn that would help him,” Clinton Police Department Assistant Chief Sonny Lynch told the media before the man accused of kidnapping Sutton and holding her captive in a wooden box, was shot and killed.

Sandra Kay Sutton told the police that Horn forced her into the wooden box at knife point. She said that when Horn was not home, she was kept in the wooden box. When he did return, he forced her to have sex with him. She also said that James Barton Horn had threatened her in a car with a tire jack after an argument the couple had in January. Horn then allegedly began building a wooden box and forced Sutton to help with its construction.