Justin Bieber Sings To Newly Engaged Couple With Boyz II Men's 'I'll Make Love To You"

Watch Justin Bieber Sing ‘I’ll Make Love To You’ To Newly-Engaged Couple

Justin Bieber serenaded a newly-engaged couple with an impromptu street performance of Boyz II Men’s 1994 hit “I’ll Make Love to You” in West Hollywood on Thursday night.

The 21-year-old superstar is seen singing to the random pair on video footage obtained by TMZ. The website reports that the Canadian encountered the newly-engaged lovebirds as he was leaving The Grove area.

Apparently, the guy (of the couple) asked Justin to sing to his fiancée, and the Biebs threw down. However — seemingly observing social propriety — he let the groom-to-be sing the hook of “I’ll Make Love To You.”

At that point, Justin and his pals are seen dancing, clapping, and whooping the fiancé in encouragement before the star light-heartedly tells the couple “Now make out, make out!”

It’s a very cute video. It follows Justin’s onstage rendition of “I’ll Make Love to You” at the W hotel in Hollywood at their regular Jazz night this past weekend. During that version, the Calvin Klein model offered the crowd a soulful version of the R&B classic. During his jazz-band backed performance, Justin humped the stage. Screams ensued.

As it turns out, Justin had a busy night in The Grove last night.

Several fans, who regularly track the singer around Los Angeles, took to Twitter last night to post a Snapchat video and messages about meeting up with the star. The Biebs and his group — which included model pal Hailey Baldwin — spontaneously asked the fans for a ride in their car after telling them “we were trying to catch an uber.”

Recalling the fun moment, a fan identified as @munozangelaa on Twitter, wrote, “We saw him and they were like ‘can we get in the car? Give us a ride. open the door.'”

She subsequently tweeted, “The first thing Justin said was ‘thank you for giving us a ride’ @pattiemallette you taught him so well,” adding that the singer then asked if they could put away their phones so they could all “just chill.”

The fan added, “Justin was giving my mom directions he’s like ‘here wait no go more down yeah right here,'” before revealing the heartthrob allowed her and another to take a ride on his IO Hawk, which the friend promptly fell off.

Other Beliebers tweeted about their Bieber-experience.

Another Belieber in the group, known as @Nadia_Noodles on Twitter, shared that she gave Justin a nerf gun as a present. To which, he apparently responded by delightedly thanking her and calling her the “best human being.”

A fan-obtained video of Justin riding his IO Hawk on Hollywood Boulevard while jamming out to Chris Brown’s hit “She Ain’t You” also popped up online after his Hollywood ramble.

As did a clip of the singer chatting to fans about the steak dinner he had last night.

A video of the Biebs rapping in Hailey’s Snapchat story also surfaced.

After Bieber’s recent spontaneous performances of “I’ll Make Love to You” at a hotel and a newly-engaged couple in Los Angeles, we’re wonder where the singer will turn up next?

[Images via Getty Images/Snapchat/Twitter]