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Ari Teman: AirBnB Left NY Man Homeless After Service Sent ‘XXX Freak Fest’ To His Home, He Charges

Ari Teman says that last year, the online vacation rental service AirBnB victimized him. Now, the New York man says, the service has left him homeless by taking no responsibility for allegedly allowing him to rent his swanky apartment to a man who, without Teman’s knowledge or permission, used it to hold an “XXX Freak Fest.”

Teman, 33, a professional comedian originally from Teaneck, New Jersey, claims that due to the chaos and negative publicity resulting from the “orgy” held — or almost held — in his upscale pad in Manhattan’s ritzy Chelsea district, his name has been placed on a list of undesirables used by propsective landlords throughout New York.

“I am homeless because you stuck a ‘XXX Freak Fest’ orgy in my apartment and abandoned me to deal with the fall out,” Teman wrote in an open letter to the AirBnB service and posted on the blogging site Tumblr recently.

“I’m not homeless because of finances — though the unimagined debt and massive amount of lost work caused by your orgy hasn’t helped — but because thanks to Airbnb, I’m on a blacklist and cannot get a legitimate lease in all of New York City.”

The entire Ari Teman open letter to AirBnB can be accessed at this link.

Teman said that he has slept in 20 different locations around the city after he was evicted from the Chelsea apartment, due to damage resulting from a party apparently advertised as a “BBW Panty Raid,” which was basically a sex orgy for obese people.

The Inquisitr reported on Teman’s original AirBnB “XXX” debacle last year, in a story that can be accessed at this link.

Teman, who was named Jewish Community Hero of the Year in 2009 by the Jewish Federations of America, wrote in his open letter that the “blacklist” database accessible to prospective apartment managers is so powerful that in one case, he offered to pay an entire year’s rent in advance for an apartment — and was still turned down.

AirBnB gave Teman $23,817 to cover the damages to his apartment by the “BBW Panty Raid” event last year. But he says that’s not enough to repair the damage to his life — and that AirBnB has done nothing to help him rebuild his shattered reputation.

The fallout from the “XXX Freak Fest” led Teman to sue the management of the Chelsea condo last year, claiming that the building’s super went out of his way to make defamatory remarks about Teman, even referring to the stand-up comic as a “dirty Jew,” Teman claimed.

The damage to his reputation cost him at least one national television appearance that, Teman asserted, could have significantly boosted his show biz career.

Ari Teman concludes his open letter by calling ArBnB a “cancer,” but the online service has so far not responded publicly to his allegations.

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