Jim Bob Duggar And Michelle Duggar Mocked In Funny Or Die Video

‘Michelle Duggar’ And ‘Jim Bob Duggar’ Accuse Daughters Of Lying In ‘Funny Or Die’ Video

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar are getting skewered for helping their son escape the long arm of the law. The 19 Kids and Counting stars did what they could to make sure that Josh Duggar would face no legal repercussions for sexually molesting four of his sisters, and the actions of the Duggars and their son are certainly no laughing matter. However, Funny or Die is trying to put smiles on the faces of distressed Duggar fans who still can’t believe that the family did something so horrific.

Zap2it recently shared a Funny or Die video that mocks Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s reaction to their son’s dark secret coming to light. In the video, actress Erin Gibson does an excellent job mimicking Michelle’s crazy, wide-eyed facial expression and her perpetual, forced smile. However, she needs to practice Michelle’s baby voice a bit more.

“Our son Josh is in a pickle,” “Michelle” says, referencing the Duggars’ love of the sour treats.

According to a police report obtained by In Touch Weekly, Josh Duggar forcibly fondled four of his sisters and one other girl by touching their breasts and genitals. According to the Funny or Die version of Michelle Duggar, the family prefers to call these body parts “tu-tus” and “nu-nus.”

“When we first told about Josh’s mistakes, we did the right thing and we ignored the girl who came forward,” faux Michelle says.

“Girls lie all the time. It’s what they do,” “Jim Bob” adds. He’s played by actor Greg David Jones.

You can check out the Funny or Die video below. It also attacks Michelle Duggar’s hypocrisy when it comes to her thoughts about the LGBT community, as well as the Duggars’ neglect of Josh’s victims.

You might be surprised to learn that the real-life “machine gun of Christianity” really is trying to get pregnant with her 20th child. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jim Bob and Michelle want their fans to know that they’re still having sex. However, it seems highly unlikely that 20 Kids and Counting will ever become a reality, and it’s not just because of Michelle’s age.

The Funny or Die video fails to reference one of the most cringe-worthy comments from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s official response to the sex abuse scandal. According to the 19 Kids and Counting stars, Josh’s actions weren’t such a bad thing because they aided their family’s faith.

“That dark and difficult time caused us to seek God like never before,” Jim Bob and Michelle wrote on Facebook. “Even though we would never choose to go through something so terrible, each one of our family members drew closer to God.”

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