Moldy Kotex Tampon

Moldy Tampon Found By Blogger, Kotex Responds

Just because your tampons come in individual packaging does not mean that your feminine hygiene products are clean, or, rather, free from mold. A blogger discovered just this when she found a moldy tampon in a package of Kotex earlier this week.

Danielle Parr, a mommy blogger on Parr to the Course, posted on Tuesday that she had been shocked to discover a moldy tampon in a brand new package of Kotex Tampons.

Parr says that she normally does not check her tampons, but this one popped out of the applicator as she was opening the packaging. It was then that she noticed that the tampon was covered in splotches of black mold.

Snapping some pictures of the moldy tampon, Parr emailed Kotex about the problem. Surprised by the moldy tampon in the first place, she was even more surprised by Kotex’s reply.

After apologizing for the moldy tampon, a customer service representative at Kimberly-Clark Corp., the company that owns the Kotex brand, wrote:

“We understand how distressing it can be to find mold on a product that is used for personal hygiene and apologize for your concern. In instances where it has been found, we conducted tests on the product involved and have found the mold to be a common environmental species that carries no health risk. The vegetative mold is similar in nature to mold on vegetables or in baked goods.”

The email then goes on to state that Kotex is diligently reviewing their manufacturing process to make sure the moldy tampon problem does reoccur in the future. Finally, the email informs Parr that she would be receiving some coupons for Kotex products in the mail.

Parr was understandably disassatified with Kotex’s response. As she wrote on her blog:

“Yeah, that’s real reassuring. I was grossed out in the first place and their response just makes it worse! Seems this is a fairly common problem … and that is a cause for serious concern. I doubt most people get as lucky as I did – I just so happened to accidentally expose the mold and I am so glad that I did! Most people wouldn’t be so fortunate. “

After Parr’s blog post went viral, an account executive at Kimberly-Clarke Corp. reached out to her. The account executive apologized for the content of the original email, stating that the information that Parr had been told was incorrect. The second email then continues:

“Nothing is more important to us than consumer safety. Any discoloration or abnormality with our tampons is extremely rare, and we want to do a full investigation to determine the source and follow-up with our manufacturing facility. So if you still have the tampon, can you please return it to us by using the prepaid mailing envelope we’re sending you?”

The account executive again ends the email by stating that Kimberly-Clarke Corp. will work to ensure that a moldy tampon does not find its way into another box of Kotex in the future.

Does the news that a woman found a moldy tampon in a brand new box of tampons have you reconsidering your choice of feminine hygiene products?