swearing on twitter

Swearing On Twitter Gets Student Expelled From Indiana High School

Austin Carroll, a student at Garrett High School in Indiana, was expelled this week for posting a tweet to his personal Twitter account that involved foul language.

This must be a case of cyber bullying, right? Carroll must have threatened to hurt one of his fellow classmates. No? Well then Carroll must have used some sort of racial slur that offended someone at the school, right? No? Ok, then what happened?

According to Digital Trends, Carroll was expelled simply for using the F words multiple times during a tweet. Carroll said: ” “(The F Word) is one of those (F’***ng) words you can (F***ng) put anywhere in a (F***ng) sentence and it still (F****ng) makes sense.”

Carroll posted the tweet from his home at about 2:30 in the morning. The school’s issue is that he used a school-owned computer to post the tweet.

Carroll said:

“If my account is on my own personal account, I don’t think the school or anybody should be looking at it. Because it’s my own personal stuff and it’s none of their business.”

What do you think? Does the school have the right to monitor activity on school computers?

The school’s decision would be (at least somewhat) understandable if Carroll was talking about committing a crime, doing drugs, harming another student, or if it involved illegal activity in someway. But just swearing on Twitter? #Thatsfuckingbullshit.

Students at Garrett High School threatened to protest on Carroll’s behalf, but the high school senior has decided to end his days at Garrett. Carroll will finish his high school career at another school.