Kim Richards 'RHOBH'

Beverly Hills Housewife Kim Richards Has Reportedly Suffered Another Relapse, Sober Coach Quits

Beverly Hills housewife Kim Richards is reportedly back off the wagon, following a trip to Mexico for her daughter’s wedding. Although the Real Housewives star has yet to comment on her alleged sobriety misstep, TMZ reported news on May 26, claiming she has a lot more work to do if she intends to get sober for good.

According to the TMZ report, the Beverly Hills reality star had a complete meltdown on Saturday during Brooke Brinson’s wedding, and now, her family reportedly isn’t speaking to her. Although details surrounding Richards’ alleged relapse are unclear, whatever she did has caused tons of drama in Mexico. Not only is her daughter said to be angry with her, her sober coach reportedly quit.

During the wedding abroad, Richards reportedly drank or used drugs in secret, but her behavior led everyone to believe she had relapsed. When she interacted with fellow guests at the wedding, claimed TMZ sources, she was “a mess.” She even allegedly said “horribly nasty things to her daughter, Brooke, right after the wedding.”

“Kim was cursing out the groom’s family and was generally belligerent. The bride has vowed she won’t speak with her mom again.”

As for the sober coach, TMZ claims the unnamed woman was unable to control the Beverly Hills reality star and headed back to Los Angeles immediately after the wedding took place. Richards, on the other hand, has reportedly remained in Mexico, despite having a deadline of Monday to reenter treatment.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Richards was said to be having trouble adjusting to the thought of a sober coach even before the wedding took place. Two weeks ago, a source claimed to Radar Online that the Beverly Hills star was hesitant to follow the rules of the facility — and threatening to quit altogether if she was unable to attend her daughter’s wedding.

“The facility doesn’t want to send a staffer to Mexico with Kim for Brooke’s wedding next weekend. Kim just isn’t ready to be out in the world yet. But she is refusing to listen to any of the advice. Kim said if the rehab won’t send a staffer, she will just leave. Members of Kim’s treatment team want her to stay in rehab for 90 days, but she is balking.”

“Kim is living in her own world, and hasn’t surrendered to the fact that she needs help.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 has yet to be officially announced by Bravo.

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