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The Top 10 Cars That Are A Favorite With The Ladies


Personally I had never thought that cars with the exception of the muscle cars of the 70′s and 80′s (there were a few) was ever broken down to a male female demographic. Sure there is the old married and single demographic but apparently the female car buying demographic is a real thing that is closely monitored. I guess that can explain why I suck at marketing, well partly anyway.

To highlight that demographic Inside Line has released their list of 2011 car models and included with that was a the top 10 choices favored the most by women. While some of the favorite really shouldn’t come as any surprise I didn’t recognize a few of the names on the list, like: the Rogue and the Eos, or the Matrix for that matter which was the number five pick for 54.1% of women.

Anyway here is the complete Top 10 2011 car models with the highest proportion of women buyers.

  1. Volvo S40 – 57.9%
  2. Nissan Rogue – 56.9%
  3. Volkswagen Eos – 56.4%
  4. Volkswagen New Beetle – 54.6
  5. Toyota Matrix – 54.1%
  6. Hyundai Tucson – 54%
  7. Honda CR-V – 53.4%
  8. Toyota RAV4 – 54%
  9. Nissan Juke – 52.7% (tie)
  10. Jeep Compass – 52.7% (tie)

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