One-Tap Delivery

One-Tap Pizza Delivery, Because Your Refrigerator Should Help You Order Pizza

If you want to order a pizza while visiting Dubai you could think about what you want, pick up the phone, order the pizza and wait or you could try the one-tap pizza delivery method offered by pizza chain Red Tomato.

The newly created Red Tomato refrigerator magnet work by way of Bluetooth via a users cell phone which allows orders to be placed with the restaurant.

To use the platform users go online and register their name, phone number, address and the type of pizza they want delivered including toppings, size and crust.

Users then choose if they want phone confirmation of orders, just in case you are worried about accidentally ordering 20 pizzas throughout the day this is a nice added feature.

Unfortunately not everyone can have a pizza magnet because as the company notes:

“Due to the overwhelming response we’ve received, we regret to inform you that our first collection of magnets have already found homes across Dubai. We value loyal customers like you, so please stay tuned for more VIP Fridge Magnets to come!”

Red Tomato offers wood-fired pizzas that can be picked up for prices ranging from $10 to $20. Buyers can also pick up arancini and tiramisu, although the refrigerator magnet only offers one-tap pizza delivery magnets for actual pizza orders.

Now if Red Tomato could only provide their technology to beer company’s, the guy who mows my lawn and my local movie rental store I would have no reason to ever leave the house. On second thought perhaps some conveniences are simply too much.