Elimination Chamber WWE 2015

WWE Rumor: Big Surprise In The Works For Sundays WWE Elimination Chamber?

WWE is stacking the deck for this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber special. After the announcement made by Stephanie McMahon several months ago regarding chamber, WWE fans thought they would never see it again. Over the last several years, Elimination Chamber was always the pay-per-view before WrestleMania. There are a lot of factors that went into the WWE canceling the Elimination Chamber.

The maneuverability of the actual chamber is very difficult. With so much steel and manpower to handle something that big, money needed to be logically allocated to suffice. WWE has undergone budget cuts in various departments since 2011. Clearly, the WWE thought they didn’t need the Elimination Chamber.

Included in their change of mind is a stacked card of excellent wrestling matches. Kevin Owens will face John Cena, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are fighting for the WWE title, Nikki Bella, Paige and Naomi are battling for the WWE Divas championship, there’s a six-man Elimination Chamber match for the Intercontinental title and a six-tag-team Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Tag-Team titles.

WWE isn’t messing around with the return of the Elimination Chamber. In fact, according to CageSide Seats, there’s a rumor going around that WWE is setting up for a huge surprise at the WWE Network special. As of right now, it is only a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt.

Kevin Owens Raw

The surprise isn’t Daniel Bryan, because last night on WWE Raw, he was announced for MizTV on the Elimination Chamber kick-off show. Bryan will not wrestle, but there has to be an announcement coming from him regarding his health. Hopefully, as a fan, Daniel Bryan is recovering swiftly.

There’s also talk about Samoa Joe debuting on the WWE’s main roster at Elimination Chamber this Sunday. It’s quite obvious where he would interfere. During the John Cena and Kevin Owens match, Joe would interfere, costing Owens the match. That way, Owens doesn’t lose clean to John Cena and he doesn’t lose credibility to the non-hardcore WWE fans.

Elimination Chamber will have its fair share of excitement and splendor. With all of the matches occurring, the WWE is set to have a great show. They weren’t clear if this will become an annual WWE Network event, but if they keep scheduling great matches for it, there’s no reason for it not to be a regular show. Give the WWE some credit, as they are giving the WWE fans what they want.

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