Buff Kangaroo intimidates

Buff Kangaroo Intimidates Aussie Residents: Buff Roo AKA ‘Big Buck’ A Freak Of Nature

Residents in an Australia neighborhood were spooked out of their wits recently. Locals in the North Lakes community of Brisbane said a buff kangaroo intimidates them when he appears suddenly. The brawny roo that appears like it’s been pumping iron was given the handle, “Dave” and “Big Buck” according to People Pets.

Aussie, Linda Hellyer, told the magazine about her encounter with the buff roo that intimated her in the beginning as she walked her dog. Despite the kangaroo’s menacing appearance, the woman had the presence of mind to snap a picture and record footage of the sighting. Not surprisingly, her story has gone viral.

“He’s very intimidating; he’s a big boy. I looked up he was standing in the middle of the road. He was watching me and my dogs and they were watching him. I didn’t get too close but I took a quick photo and video and left him alone.

Although a buff kangaroo of that size intimidates residents, Hellyer believes the animal is harmless. She believes the stocky roo and people can coexist if they exercise caution.

“If we got too close to them they’d have the opportunity to hurt you. But they’re quite accustomed to seeing people and seeing dogs because we haven’t been pestering them. They would be [dangerous] if you got too close, like anything else, but if you keep your distance they’re OK. I hope that everyone gives him enough space.”

According to National Geographic Kids, kangaroos have life expectancies of 23 years and are the largest living marsupials. Their maximum weight and height are 200 pounds and 6-feet-tall, respectively. The big bloke is estimated to be 6-feet-6-inches or the height of Kobe Bryant.

In another animal news story, a video surfaced recently that showed a bear strolling around in its enclosure — on its hind legs. According to a previous report from Inquisitr, owners of the Asiatic black bear in Laos confirmed it was not a hoax; the animal is a rescue and is accustomed to standing on two legs to reach for food visitors offered. It likely adapted to being bipedal due to its light weight brought on from malnourishment, according to experts.

Check out the video above. Would you be intimidated by a kangaroo as buff as Dave?

[Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images]