NOPD officer suspended without pay for comments

New Orleans Police Officer Suspended Over Racist Trayvon Martin Comments

It looks as though Newt Gingrich isn’t the only one in trouble over controversial remarks concerning Trayvon Martin’s death. A New Orleans police officer has been suspended without pay after it was discovered that he had posted several offensive comments about the killing of the young teen online.

The officer in question, Jason Giror, is under investigation for comments he posted on the WWL-TV website under a story prompting a local rally for the deceased Martin. One comment reads, “Act like a Thug Die like one!”

Giroir, identified as “Works at NOPD”, later responded to another comment that threw his under the bus for being racially insensitive. “Eddie come on down to our town with a ‘Hoodie’ and you can join Martin in HELL and talk about your racist stories!:-P” the officer responded.

Ronal Serpas, The NOPD superintendent who called for the investigation, said that Giroir’s comments “have caused me great concern concerning his fitness for duty.” Since Giroir’s comments reflect on New Orleans Police negatively, Serpas is understandably upset by this embarassment. “To say that I’m angry is an understatement,” Serpas added. “Let me be clear: the hardworking men and women of the NOPD do not condone such statements.”

Giroir, suspended without pay,was already pushing pencils at assigned desk duty for his involvement in a routine traffic stop that wound up being a full-blown shootout. According to WWL-TV, Giroir, “pulled over brothers Justin and Earl Sipp for a traffic violation on March 1, and a shootout erupted after two officers were called to the scene to back [him] up.”

Should The New Orleans Police Department fire the officer for his racist comments about Trayvon Martin’s death?