Sikh Man Who Removed Turban To Help Child Rewarded With Extremely Sweet Surprise

The 22-year-old Sikh man who made international headlines after he removed his turban to cradle the bleeding head of an injured boy was given a taste of good karma when he was quickly surprised by a return of goodwill.

Harman Singh, who lives in Auckland, New Zealand, broke religious protocol last week when he heard screeching tires and ran outside to see what had happened. There, he found 6-year-old Daejon Pahia lying in the street after being hit by a car – and after noticing his bleeding head, Singh removed his turban and held the boy’s head until the paramedics came and tended to his wounds.

“I saw a child down on the ground and a lady was holding him. His head was bleeding, so I unveiled my turban and put it under his head,” Singh told The New Zealand Herald. “I wasn’t thinking about the turban. I was thinking about the accident and I just thought, ‘He needs something on his head because he’s bleeding.’ That’s my job — to help. And I think anyone else would have done the same as me.”

The wearing of a turban is obligatory for Sikh men, and is only removed in the privacy of their home under certain circumstances. In some ways, it’s treated as part of the wearer’s body and represents spirituality, honor, and piety.

After news of Singh’s good deed turned him into an instant celebrity, a New Zealand TV station, OneNews, visited him at his home for an interview. And it was at this time that the world got a peek into his accommodations, which was sparsely decorated with a mattress on the floor and a few of outdoor plastic chairs.

An outpouring of concern by viewers after the interview aired then triggered the station to contact a local furniture store and arrange for a truck filled with new furniture to be delivered to Singh’s house as a surprise.

Overwhelmed by the generous act, a tearful Singh shared that it was the biggest surprise of his life.

[Image via OneNews]