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More Duggar Family Scandals Surface Amidst Josh Duggar Molestation Cover-Up

The Duggar family’s wholesome image on 19 Kids and Counting is crumbling amidst their son Josh Duggar’s sexual molestation scandal, but it’s not the first time the family has come under scrutiny.

Side-hugs, modest clothing, and chaperoned dates are just few of the rules that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have imposed on their 19 children, with many fans applauding their strict Christian fundamentalist values.

However, the family’s values are now being questioned in light of not only Josh’ s acknowledgement that he was once investigated for molesting underage girls, but for other scandals and controversies that have cast a shadow over the supposedly wholesome family.

Aside from the much talked-about Josh Duggar sex abuse scandal, here a few of the many controversial situations that have made headlines for the 19 Kids and Counting clan.

In August 2014, Michelle Duggar shared her negative views about the transgender community in a robocall that went out to Fayetteville, Arkansas, residents. The pre-recorded call was made in opposition to the Fayetteville City Council’s consideration of a bill that would protect citizens against discrimination, a law that Duggar felt would protect residents from transgender people who she called child predators.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar posted a photo of themselves kissing on their Facebook page back in December 2014, and asked married couples to post their own kissing photos in the comments section under their picture.

The Duggars were accused of deleting pictures of gay couples from the post. Blogger John Becker of the The Bilerico Project states that he posted a photo of himself kissing his husband. The photo was not only deleted from the page, Becker was banned from the Duggar’s Facebook page.

The Duggar family not only has dating and courtship rules, they also have a list of things that their children are banned from doing, including dancing to “modern music” and going to the beach. While these rules are not scandalous, they certainly have stirred up some controversy.

Although the Duggars do have pre-approved swimwear, Michelle Duggar feels that “it’s just too hard for the guys to try to keep their eyes averted” if they go to the beach, so its forbidden.

Dancing and listening to today’s top hits is also banned for all members of the family. In an interview with Beliefnet, Jim Bob Duggar states that dancing draws attention to their bodies.

“It draws attention to their bodies. When a guy sees a girl dance, it really can be defrauding to a guy, especially if they’re dressed immodestly. The definition of defrauding would be building up sensual desires that you cannot rightfully fulfill.”

It is unknown if TLC will completely cancel 19 Kids and Counting due to the most recent Duggar scandal that involves Jim Bob and Michelle’s oldest child, Josh. For the time being, the network has stopped airing the long-running program, with no word on when or if the show will return.

[Image: Duggar Family Blog]