LeBron James Tells Woman At Courtside To Put On A ‘Do Not Disturb’ Sign — And Twitter Mistook It For Flirting [Video]

The Plain Dealer might be calling LeBron James “Superman” because of playing nearly 43,000 minutes in his career thus far, but during Friday night’s game against the Atlanta Hawks, the Cavs’ superstar was accused of something else. When LeBron’s mic caught him telling a woman who was sitting courtside that she needed to put on a “do not disturb” sign, it was assumed that James was pointing at her chest.

Most folks on Twitter assumed that LeBron was saying the woman was a beautiful distraction, and the very married James soon got a bunch of tweets chastising him for such language. However, the following Vine video by Coral Grimes shows a closer view of the happenings, with LeBron obviously pointing to the woman’s stomach — and making a motion showing that he didn’t want to hurt her bun in the oven by going after a wild runaway ball.

Other Twitter users assumed LeBron was flirting, however, and perhaps pointing at the woman’s chest instead. Upon further inspection of the footage, viewers can see this wasn’t the case.

The fact that LeBron was protecting a pregnant woman and her baby is a whole lot more chivalrous than thinking James would be flirting — all the while knowing that his words and actions were being recorded and projected out loud.

LeBron fans also have his movie career to look forward to, with James having a significant role in the upcoming film called Trainwreck, as reported by the Inquisitr.

[Image via Twitter]