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Did TLC Cancel ’19 Kids And Counting?’ Network Says They Are ‘Deeply Troubled’ By Duggar Allegations

TLC has confirmed that all episodes of 19 Kids and Counting have been pulled from the network. The network says they are “deeply saddened and troubled” by the news that Josh Duggar allegedly molested five girls. As a result, TLC has decided to take immediate action and pull the show from the network for the time being. All of the scheduled Duggar shows have been replaced on the network schedule. However, does this mean 19 Kids and Counting was cancelled?

TLC made the announcement via their official Facebook page that they would be immediately pulling all episodes of 19 Kids and Counting from their lineup.

TLC responds to Duggar molestation allegations

The network notes that their “thoughts and prayers” are with the Duggar family and with the victims during this “difficult time.” However, the network does not come out and officially say that the show has been cancelled. Instead, TLC says that they are pulling episodes “currently” from the air. Therefore, it leaves the door open to a future reinstatement of the program.

If you look at the TLC website, it is clear that the network has not cut all ties with the Duggar family just yet. In fact, the “shows” page heavily features the family and still contains numerous videos of happenings within the Duggar clan. The top two spots are occupied by 19 Kids and Counting promotions and the Duggar family page is still up and live on the TLC website.

Many Duggar fans have noted that they would continue to watch the program as Josh Duggar has been “forgiven” of his crimes by his victims and that the alleged incidents occurred before the show ever began its first season. Therefore, it seems that many fans hope that the network gives the family a pass on this issue and will continue airing the show. Others, however, would like to see 19 Kids and Counting stay on the air but without Josh and Anna as cast members. It is yet to be seen what TLC will do with the information surrounding the allegations that Josh Duggar molested at least five underage girls, but there are a few possibilities that may play out that keeps the network’s Duggar fans happy and keeps Josh Duggar at a distance.

First, the network could continue 19 Kids and Counting as is and potentially face the backlash of sex abuse advocacy groups, advertisers, and fans who are anxious to see Josh leave the show. This scenario seems unlikely as TLC has pulled shows for similar reasons in the past such as Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Josh leaving the show does not mean that the series must end completely. TLC could also continue the show without Josh and Anna or start a spin-off show that focuses on the Duggar girls, newlyweds, or courting couples.

For those who need their fix of 19 Kids and Counting episodes, as of the time of this posting, full episodes were still available for viewing on the TLC website.

What do you think of the idea of 19 Kids and Counting airing without Josh Duggar? Would you still watch the show if TLC decided to keep it or a spin-off on the schedule?

[Image Credit: TLC]