Jimmy Fallon’s All-Time Favorite Misheard Lyrics

Jimmy Fallon never ceases to set the internet on fire with his weekly segment “Tonight Show Hashtags,” and this week was no exception.

The Huffington Post reported that this week’s hashtag was #misheardlyrics, and as Jimmy Fallon explained himself, the rules were simple and the result was almost immediate.

“I asked you guys to tweet out a song lyric that you or someone you know has gotten wrong. We got thousands of tweets, in fact, within half an hour it was a worldwide trending topic.”

Jimmy Fallon read out some of his favorite submissions live on the air.

“I wanna rock and roll all night… and part of everyday”

“When I was little I thought the song was ‘Bob, Bob, Bob… Bob, Bob or Ann.’ My parents names are Bob and Ann.”

“I used to sing ‘Who you gonna call? Those b**tards!’ instead of Ghostbusters.”

“I heard ‘If you start me up’ by The Rolling Stones as ‘In Yugoslavia, you’ll never starve.'”

“When I was young, I thought The Lion King started with ‘PENNSYLVANIA!'”

“We’ve been spending most our life including with a gangsters pair of dice.”

“I always thought the Gloria Esteban song was called ‘Elizabeth’s gonna get ya.'”

“‘I got my first real sex dream…’ – Summer of 69”

Of course, Jimmy Fallon revealing his favorite misheard submissions only further prompted Twitter users to submit their own embarrassing song lyric mistakes. As Billboard reported, no song is immune, with people mishearing and subsequently badly singing the lyrics to songs by the Beatles, the Bee Gees, Bob Marley, and even recent hits such as those by Taylor Swift (“Blank Space” being the most notable song that no one seems to know the real lyrics to).

Turn the sound on for this one!

It was only a month ago on Friday, April 24, 2015 that Jimmy Fallon teamed with Chris Pratt in another twist on misheard lyrics in a segment called “Nonsense Karaoke,” Time reported.

Jimmy Fallon and Chris Pratt sang three songs together – “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson, “Stay with Me” by Sam Smith, and “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson – but they purposefully saying incorrect lyrics, likening their performance to karaoke singers who get the lyrics wrong even when they are displayed conveniently on the screen.

Time to open up! Let us know in the comments song lyrics that you or someone you know have misheard. After all, Jimmy Fallon’s hashtag segment this week was so popular that maybe he’ll reprise it again.

[Photo: Theo Wargo/NBC / Getty Images]