Rosie Mac Virginity

Emilia Clarke’s Body Double Rosie Mac Will Remain A Virgin Until Marriage

Emilia Clarke plays the super sexy Daenerys Targaryen, aka Khalessi, on the hit HBO show Game of Thrones. Rosie Mac is the actress’ body double on the action-packed fantasy series. Despite all of the sex and nudity that takes place on GoT, Rosie Mac says that she wants to remain a virgin until marriage.

Mac, 18, has risen to fame for becoming known as Emilia Clarke’s body double. The British model reportedly has over 58.2 thousand followers on Instagram, according to Cinema Blend. Mac also updated her status to state that she will remain a “virgin until marriage.” That won’t stop men from trying to pursue a relationship with her online.

In a candid interview with the Sun, Rosie Mac explained why she wants to remain a virgin until she weds. She believes that she has more morals than most woman her own age.

“I’ve got very high morals. I read it when I was about 13, from beauty pageants, and it kind of stuck. I really like the whole thing of keeping yourself for your husband.”

In the interview, Mac revealed that she’s already been engaged twice, but neither relationship worked out. Mac is currently single and looking for her Prince Charming even though she says she’s too busy to date.

“I’ve been engaged twice, I was with my first boyfriend for three years, but we broke up very suddenly, so I was so glad I’d kept with it.”

She also explained to the British tabloid that she receives her share of strange messages and nude selfies from men online.

“I get a lot of weirdoes messaging me strange, nude pictures all the time in Facebook messages. One of the things they don’t realize is that my mum actually helps me manage those accounts, so she’s seen it all, too. That’s definitely not the way to impress me — or her!”

The model’s Instagram account is filled with countless bikini photos. It’ll be hard to pry off men with her scintillating pics. It’s unsure whether or not her virginity clause will also keep the men away. In some of her photos, Rosie looks like Miley Cyrus, and in others, she resembles Jennifer Lawrence. It looks like Rosie could take on many roles for all kinds of actresses in Hollywood.


In an interview with Paste magazine, Mac admitted she never went to her Game of Thrones audition because she thought she would never land the role of Emilia Clarke’s body double.

“I didn’t actually go to the audition because I had another modeling job that day. To be honest, I kind of thought, ‘Why would they choose me anyway?’

“That same day I posted a selfie on Twitter, and I was wearing long, blonde hair. A while later I was asked by one the agencies I am signed with to send in my body measurements, but they didn’t tell me what for.”

It turns out that Rosie Mac was the perfect match for the popular Game of Thrones character. She looks like Emilia Clarke’s doppelganger in the photo above. What are your thoughts on Rosie’s decision to remain a virgin until marriage? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Images: HBO/Instagram]