Spanish Prostitution Barcode Tattoo

Madrid Prostitute Discovered Wearing Barcode Tattoo As Reminder Of Her Worth

Spanish Police investigating two Madrid prostitution rings discovered a 19-year-old prostitute who was branded with a barcode tattoo that shows the amount of money she owed to the ring.

According to CNN:

“The bar code served as a form of identity for the woman and as certificate of “ownership” by one prostitution ring, and beneath the bar code was also tattooed the amount of money she owed the ring.”

The female was also found to have various marks from being beaten and whipped while her head and eyebrows were shaved off after she tried to escape from the ring.

Police say the most horrifying part of the girls torture may be that it came at the hands of her own uncle and nephew. When she tried to escape her uncle told her nephew to chain the girl to a radiator and starve her to near death.

Police during their raids were able to capture three illegal firearms, various swords, jewelry, five automobiles and $185,696 Euros. Much of the money and other items were hidden in a double roof at one of the ring leaders homes.

According to authorities in Madrid many of the prostitutes were underage and were often referred to as “suitcases, bicycles and packages.”

Prostitution in Spain is a major problem with many girls underage and taken from their families while forced into a lifestyle that is often impossible to escape.

Do you think the ring leaders should be given extra time in jail specifically because of the barcode tattoo?