Steve and Cath reunited on Hawaii Five-0

‘Hawaii Five-0’ Season 6 Spoilers: How Long Catherine’s Staying, Plus How Much of A Threat Gabriel Is

The Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 finale ended with several loose ends, from the fact that Kono and Adam didn’t actually get married, to Gabriel visiting Chin Ho, to Catherine’s future in Hawaii and with Steve. Next fall may still be months away, but fortunately, fans don’t have to wait until then for some news.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Michelle Borth returned as Catherine Rollins in the Season 5 finale for Kono and Adam’s wedding. (Watch her and Steve’s reunion below.) However, due to the events of the team’s case, Catherine and Steve never got around to talking about whether or not she’s staying after the wedding, beyond him asking her if she is, her asking if he wants her to, and both admitting they’ve missed each other upon arriving at the wedding. But is she back for good?

Well, here’s some good news. Showrunner Peter M. Lenkov has addressed Catherine’s presence in H50 Season 6 for TVLine.

“We haven’t finalized how long she’ll stay, but she’ll definitely be in some episodes at the beginning of the season. We haven’t figured out exactly where to go, but we’re working on it.”

That sounds promising for the immediate future of Steve and Catherine’s relationship at the very least. There is also going to be the matter of what Catherine will do in Hawaii for a job. Could she rejoin the team, or maybe just fill in while Kono’s on her honeymoon (unless they use a small time jump to skip over the time she and Adam would be away)?

Speaking of Kono, Lenkov has also revealed that the premiere will pick up with her and Adam’s first dance, so yes, they do get married. You just won’t get to see it on screen.

The Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 finale didn’t end with the wedding, as it looked like it was going to, because it instead ended with a tense confrontation in the parking lot for Chin Ho when he went to collect the rings from the car. Gabriel claimed he never meant to hurt Chin — they’re still family, and he did what he did to get IA off his back. But he wants Chin to repay the debt, by way of a deal, a.k.a. a bribe: Everything he makes, Chin gets half, and he stays out of his way. Chin, of course, refused, and Gabriel disappeared with the promise from Chin that he’d hunt him down. Watch that scene again below.

So what does this mean for what’s next for Chin Ho and Gabriel? As Lenkov told the Hollywood Reporter, Gabriel is going to be back and a big problem starting with the Season 6 premiere, and his plan will be revealed.

“[Gabriel is] definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with, and he’s going to come right up, very hot out of the gate in the first episode next season … The pieces are going to come a little bit more together at the beginning of next year. Somebody like that, you imagine as soon as he got away, he would have left the island, but he didn’t, so you’ve got to ask yourself why.”

Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 will air Fridays at 9 p.m. on CBS this fall.

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