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Lana Del Rey Sings About Domestic Violence In ‘Honeymoon’ Title Track

Lana Del Rey is causing controversy again with her lyrics. This time, it’s for her new track “Honeymoon,” in which she romanticizes domestic violence. In Lana Del Rey’s new track, she talks about being in love with a man who has “a history of violence.”

The lyrics were leaked from a booklet that was sold at Lana’s Endless Summer Tour with Courtney Love, as previously reported via The Metro. The fans shared the lyrics to the Lana Del Rey Fan website.

The controversial new “Honeymoon” track tells the story of a woman who’s in love with a man who has a history of domestic violence. That apparently doesn’t stop the woman from falling in love with him, though.

This comes after the news that Courtney Love called herself and Lana Del Rey the “queens of anguish and rage.” Del Rey is typically known for singing about domestic violence and affairs with older men in her songs. She even filmed a rape scene for a Marilyn Manson music video that was never released. Still, these new lyrics are still shocking to Del Rey’s fans, who hope she would move past these controversial topics in her songs.

One of the lyrics to Lana’s Honeymoon goes: “We both know the history of violence that surrounds you.”

Another lyric reads: “But I’m not scared, there’s nothing to lose now that I’ve found you.”

The controversial lyrics won’t stop fans from buying Del Rey’s music or seeing her performances. Miley Cyrus checked out the singer, who’s currently on a U.S. tour with Courtney Love. Cyrus, 22, beamed after she left Del Rey’s concert in Los Angeles on Monday night.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer had a quiet time at the concert, unlike the 20 minors who were arrested for alcohol possession at one of Lana Del Rey’s concerts. In Chula Vista, officers arrested 20 minors and young adults who were under the possession of alcohol and marijuana on Saturday night, as previously reported via 10 News.

An adult was also arrested for providing alcohol to a minor, and a 15-year-old was arrested for the possession of marijuana and destruction of evidence, according to a news statement. The minors, ranging from 15- to 20-years-old, were arrested and released with a misdemeanor citation or released to a parent or guardian with a pending court date.

Anything goes at a Lana Del Rey concert.

There have also been rumors about her collaboration with David Lynch, as previously reported via the Inquisitr. David Lynch could be working with Lana Del Rey’s film project with Neon Dreams. Yet, fans would like to see Del Rey work with someone else for a change.

Lana Del Rey is currently working on her next album, which is the follow-up to her Ultraviolence album. The “Honeymoon” track is expected to be released later this year, despite the leak. What are your thoughts on the controversial new lyrics?

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