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‘The Voice’ Finale: Which Original Song Impressed The Most?

NBC’s The Voice is finally wrapping up its eighth season. With four finalists left standing, each remaining Voice contestant gets their chance to sing an original song. Also, they each filmed a music video to go with the song. So which contestant had the best original single?

Meghan Lindsey’s soulful single “Change My Mind” was sung very well; her voice at times reminded me of a cross between Bonnie Raitt and Melissa Etheridge, with perhaps a bit more of a bluesy nature to it.

Lindsey revealed that she co-wrote her song with friends and that it was actually done years ago. It definitely sounded like a great finished product when finally performed. Speaking of which, the video was great, although the setting reminded me a bit of Demi Lovato’s “Let It Go.”

Joshua Davis’s “The Workingman’s Hymn” wasn’t terrible, but its use as an original song represented a combination of a missed opportunity and a failure to learn. This Voice hopeful did better with ballads than upbeat tunes.

Perhaps this song brings him closer to a Bruce Springsteen sound, and he does have the voice for it. However, that doesn’t seem to make him interesting to the Voice audience. It was an okay song, but, unfortunately, the single feels like a throwaway that won’t be remembered beyond this finale.

The music video was shot in black and white; probably not the best idea, considering the bland nature of the song.

Sawyer Fredericks was fortunate enough to have personal hero Ray LaMontangne write “Please” just for him. Adam Levine told him that it pretty much didn’t matter if he won The Voice; having that happen was something of an automatic win.

The song definitely felt like Sawyer, in that it was very believable when coming from him. It also demonstrated his ability to take songs, regardless of who sang them originally, and make them his own.

The video is an adorable portrayal of puppy love. It sort of answers the question of whether or not the Voice contestant ever goes anywhere without a hat. Apparently not.

Koryn Hawthorne’s sound has evolved a bit as The Voice continued, pushing her closer to a sort of “Baby Beyoncé” sound. The push towards a more confident pop diva seems to be the inspiration behind her “Bright Fire” single. The song’s music video almost felt like a PG throwback to Beyoncé’s “Work It Out.”

As for the live Voice performance, Hawthorne strutted with a lot of confidence (and a dress that was just shy of being too short for the teen), and it was clear that she had the full support of her coach Pharrell Williams; the judge mentor, who wrote the song, was singing along with the teen as she gave her all.

After listening to all the performances and watching all of the videos, it really feels like the most thought and effort was put into Sawyer Fredericks. Is that a sign that the Voice producers have spoken or just a coincidence? We have one night left before we learn for certain.

Meanwhile, Joshua Davis’s single felt like the weakest of the bunch, especially with the video and song coming before his heartfelt “Hallelujah” performance.

Have you watched all the music videos for the Voice finalists? Which Voice contestant do you think had the best original song and why?

[Image Credit: NBC’s The Voice]