Cop Shoots Man Cutting Himself

Cop Shoots Man Cutting Himself: Female Police Officer Shoots Man Armed With A Knife, Charging At Her

A Portland cop has shot a man cutting himself with a knife after authorities received a call about someone breaking into an occupied home.

Police officers received numerous reports about a man cutting himself with a knife in the area of SE Boise and 15th on Sunday in Portland, Oregon. The last call was from a woman alleging that a man wielding a knife had broken into her house. She and her two children were able to escape the home safely.

Once officers started blocking the area off, the shooting occurred. Officers tried offering medical assistance before the man was transported to a hospital., FM 101 KXL reports.

In more detailed coverage by Oregon Live, authorities responded to a call around 2:15 p.m. and made initial contact with the man. It’s not confirmed what took place after that point. According to reports by the Portland Police Bureau, the man was cutting himself with a knife had absconded from his original location. Soon following that, a woman from the same area alerted police about a man holding a knife was breaking into her home.

A witness who heard the commotion — Krystina Cruikshank — said she’d just returned home from a graveyard shift when she heard a man and a woman screaming. Apparently the man was yelling a series of obscenities at officers and she heard five gunshots. This was allegedly the cop shooting the man who was cutting himself with a knife. Cruikshank called the experience “incredibly nerve-racking.”

The suspect’s condition is unknown and this is a developing story. Homicide detectives are investigating the incident.

According to a report published by KPTV News, it was a female officer who shot the man cutting himself. He reportedly charged towards her after he exited the home he broke into — and she shot him. Investigators say they tried using less-lethal shotguns that shoot bean bag rounds in an effort to stop threatening suspects.

“This did not work and another officer used her firearm as the individual came within a short distance of her,” the Portland Police Bureau statement read.

Anyone with information regarding the suspect or what happened, is being asked to call the Portland Police Bureau Detective Division at 503-823-0400.

Recently, the Inquisitr wrote about another incident in which a man holding a rock was shot by a police officer. The incident took place in Texas a few days ago.

Anytime a cop shoots a man cutting himself with a knife, or someone holding an object, it brings police under intense scrutiny as investigations get underway.

[Photo by George Frey/Getty Images]