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8 Year Old And 13 Year Old Have Sex On School Bus, “Consensual” Say Police

School buses

Authorities in Fishers, Indiana closed a case this morning in what seems to be two students, an 8 year old girl and a 13 year old boy, having sex on a school bus. Both are students at the Indiana School for the Deaf.

According to police officials the bus camera shows the two having sexual intercourse and are stating that it was consensual.

At the time of the incident, the Noblesville school bus was also transporting other students . The bus driver and bus aide were also present, however, police are saying the driver and the aide will not be facing charges due to the fact that the height of the seats made it “impossible” to see what the two students were doing.

Robert King Jr., the attorney representing the family of the girl involved in the incident, says that Indiana law dictates that an 8-year-old girl can’t consent to sex. King stated in an email to WishTV8:

“What happened to the victim here was child molestation and/or rape. That a victim, especially one 8 years old, sometimes succumbs to a more powerful perpetrator, should never be regarded as consent and is not the law in Indiana.”

The Indiana School for the Deaf has been unable to be reached for any comment in regards to the incident.

Noblesville Schools released a statement about yesterday’s incident stating:

“The safety and security of all children attending Noblesville schools is our top priority. It always has and always will be.”

Isn’t the whole point of having a camera, bus driver, and bus aide on the school bus at the same time as the students in order to keep things like this from happening? What if it were something more serious? The seats were too high to see? What are your thoughts?

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132 Responses to “8 Year Old And 13 Year Old Have Sex On School Bus, “Consensual” Say Police”

  1. Kyra Moore

    There are more pedophiles driving for this school system than what has been brought to public light, too. :/

  2. Iman Oldgeek

    The victim's age is usually the only age considered in cases like this. The boy did not have to consent; he was the initiator. There are a lot of guilty parties here, starting with the 13 year-old and the cops. "Consensual sex" with an 8 year-old? In what pedophile's dream?

  3. Shelia Waslowicz

    Dear God! The driver and aides should be fired and disciplined! The 13 year old boy needs some harsh punishment as well. A clear case of child endangerment. Let that happen to a child in the care of a family friend in their van and the parents would be under the jail.

  4. Jamie Regal-Awad

    Seriously…there are not even words for this beside that the bus driver & aide were probably too busy chatting. I go on field trips with my boys & I'm constantly looking. First if it's too quiet something's up & if it's too loud ur busy trying to gain control. However since is a special needs school it may be a quit bus but I think I would offer more of my attention considering. A boy & girl that age should not even be sitting together. Those adults were once kids themselves … Do not thry not remember that?

  5. Robert Frideaux

    WTF! Consensual, I would bet money that boy has a relative in the Police dept. How in fuck do police get the ability to judge or dictate law. They are only here to enforce laws and provide public "service". They all seem to forget they are public servants not the law. As a parent of a young girl, I would find that boy and handle on my own. I would sue the school and the police dept for negligence and dereliction of duty. Not for money mind you but to bring everything to light. Police and Schools should not be allowed to make these judgements or decisions.

  6. Gary Swinford

    you have to follow the laws…what are the laws of the state.

  7. Jane Moore Sexton

    The aide should set behind all the other students so she will know what is going on ahead of her. That is how we do it at our schools. She was up front and the students behind her.

  8. Karen Hite

    Unbelievable! The boy's parents should appear in court and the girl's parents should seek a mental evaluation. Doesn't anyone else see that?

  9. Oneiqua Forde

    Are you high or just plain STUPID? What is hilarious about children that young having sex? Hope that you don't have or ever plan on having children.

  10. Christi IgotItall Sparks

    OMG…of course she was raped. But, according to the video, the bus driver, the boy and the girl need a good ass whooping because the girl should have said something.

  11. Paula Qualls Gurley

    Yes, like prosecuting this boy will prevent cases like this in th future? Why not look for solutions instead getting all self-righteous and indignant? Oh yeah, self-righteous and indignant is cheaper and easier.

  12. Joshua Adams

    this is a sad sad event HOWEVER you cant blame the driver for god sakes…ALL of my friends got away with this stuff on the school bus when were kids, myself included. I believe if you could figure out the actual number of young girls that get "fingered" on a bus your jaw would drop. Look at this as what it is not what you think it should be. Bad Yes, uncommon no. I def. don't condone this but it happens.

  13. Kenny Dulaney

    that's fucking ridiculous. a 13 y/o boy knows better than to be fucking with a little baby like that and they LET HIM GO? THEY SHOULD TRY HIM AS AN ADULT AND CHUNK HIS ASS IN PRISON FOR THAT. and fuck all you faggot azz hippies who say otherwise. a 13 year old in todays society is an adult as far as sexual maturity goes, this is bullshit, he ain't no fucking kid man. AN EIGHT YEAR OLD GIRL CANNOT CHOOS TO HAVE ''CONSENSUAL'' SEX.

  14. Kenny Dulaney

    and it may not prevent shit bitch, its about PUNISHMENT. do you fucking give a faggot who murders a baby a life sentance to prevent it from happening again. NO YOU FUCKING GIVE HIM THAT TIME TO PUNISH HIS ASS. so shut the fuck up

  15. Kenny Dulaney

    Iman Oldgeek Already man. I dont get how the fuck ppl are defending this kid. HE RAPED THAT GIRL. An eight year girl doesnt have the sense to willingly participate in something like this but a 13 year old boy? I dont know about any of you, but when I was 13 I sure as shit knew what sex was about and that was 20 years ago…imagine what its like for these kids now. put his little raping ass in prison

  16. Diane Rentschler Timko

    "What if it was something more serious?"? What's wrong with you?

  17. Tiana Moore

    This boy shouldn't be charged. By law? Yea, sure. In reality? an 8 year old CAN consent. I'm pretty sure if she honestly wasn't consenting, there would have been enough commotion for the adults on the bus to know what's going on. People need to stop punishing kids for sexual acts, and educate them. That's the real crime.

  18. Kombo Chapfika

    sometimes kids get frisky. nothing to see here.

  19. Kombo Chapfika

    If you've never at least made out on a school bus you haven't lived. But seriously your spelling is awful and you're supposed to be a substitute teacher.

  20. Dylan Filingeri

    wait a second. if they said that any victim under 16 can not give consent, why isn't the girl charged when clearly a thirteen year old boy is under the age of 16?

  21. Dylan Filingeri

    wait a second. if they said that any victim under 16 can not give consent, why isn't the girl charged when clearly a thirteen year old boy is under the age of 16?

  22. Dylan Filingeri

    exactly so why is the boy getting charged? they both should be.

  23. Dylan Filingeri

    this story makes no sense, because i doubt the boy actually raped her anyways because they must have been quiet to not have alerted the aides on the bus or the bus driver, considering that the bus can't be that loud if it's full of students hard of hearing… this is so stupid

  24. Tara Fox

    Wait a minute If your girlfriends with you why are you using the cpu? She didn't come here 2 sit around

  25. Asa Ace Buchannan

    I think the bus driver and the aide should be charged cause how in the world both of them not gone see the kids and the most likely had to leave their seats to go to some more seats in the back somewhere that mean the bus driver and the aide mustve been talking to each other to have missed what was happening! book them!

  26. Snaa Ux Peele

    Dylan Filingeri maybe you'd better re read the article, no charges, thats why the parents of the girl are upset, they believe the boy SHOULD be charged because he is 13. and with that, I can see why you're confused.

  27. Snaa Ux Peele

    Dylan Filingeri maybe you'd better re read the article, no charges, thats why the parents of the girl are upset, they believe the boy SHOULD be charged because he is 13. and with that, I can see why you're confused.

  28. Snaa Ux Peele

    are you sure HE was the instigator?? how are you so certain the girl wasn't the curious one?

  29. Snaa Ux Peele

    are you sure HE was the instigator?? how are you so certain the girl wasn't the curious one?

  30. Dylan Filingeri

    oh thanks. but still, that's kinda dumb for them to want to for the same reasons i said before. thanks for pointing that out though

  31. Dylan Filingeri

    oh thanks. but still, that's kinda dumb for them to want to for the same reasons i said before. thanks for pointing that out though

  32. Anonymous

    Wow. So everything is black and white when you're self-righteous and just a muddied gray area of moral relativity for you? You sound like the one who' self righteous. "Solutions???" Get out of academia and realize you can't educate puberty out of an unrestrained immature aggressive preteen. Come on. Grow up. This was wrong and he and anyone else involved should know it.

  33. Anonymous

    Age a little and when older revisit this post my dear…

  34. Paula Qualls Gurley

    So 13 is immature? Big surprise! We don't know he was aggressive and we have no idea of what either one of these kids know or don't know, or the lives they live. No, everything is not black or white and not everything is muddled gray. What is certain is we have 2 kids in a terrible situation. Knowing what is wrong and understanding all the ramifications are 2 different things. Holding a 13 year old to an adult standard is assinine.

  35. Tiana Moore

    That would be a 6 hour drive for me, and I don't have the time for that. I'll take it into consideration, though!

  36. Eric Wallace

    In a perfect world every one would wait until the appropriate age to have sex(I'll leave that to all of you to decide what your perfect age would be) but when did sex come to equate assault in our country. We're all born with a natural curiosity about sex, some find it sooner then others. Obviously these 2 kids have some issues that need to be dealt with, but it doesn't need to be made a legal issue. Every one wants to make everything a crime.

  37. Anonymous

    okay this is crazy! there are some fast girls/boys out there, today's children are talking about/doing all kinds of stuff at young ages they shouldn't be! people need to to educate their kids and make them understand it is not okay for anyone to touch you privates etc.. Maybe some parents don't think about that! But I don't let my kids play with some kids/older kids, without me being present because you never know what is being passed on! I wonder if the girl did try to speak up or yell but no one heard her because hey are all deaf? That's the real question! People are talking about the boy like he was some full blown phedophile, at the age of 13 I am sure his judgement is off, especially if she was up for it as well! who's to say he was not small for his age and thought she was his age vice versa! A Lot of factors, but the two that are the biggest are the adults on the bus that is supposed to keep the kids safe! I know my friend let her kids ride the bus and she said one lil girl was giving a boy a bj on the bus and they were in 5th grade, there was another lil girl that ended up with a black eye because she try to do that do a lil boy and he punched her and said no don't touch my stuff and they were in daycare the boy 5 and the girl 5! SO the bottom is people to more involve in what they are exposing their children too and educate them before it's too late! I pray that this hasn't been happening continously and was stop ASAP, I am a parent and I couldn't imagine how helpless that situation would make you feel! A lot of people check out the people they are leaving there children with but now one is checking out the children! ALSO no one can be in more than two places at once! when the bus is in motion every one is seated and these kids are little so if you ever been on the kids bus mostly you can't see anything more then three seats ahead! IDK just a horrible incident for sure!

  38. Brooke Norval

    "What if something more serious had happened?" Oh, like rape isn't serious. What the hell.

  39. Brooke Norval

    "What if something more serious had happened?" Oh, like rape isn't serious. What the hell.

  40. Anthony Hennel

    I dont get it, what rape? was it or was it not consensual?

  41. Brooke Norval

    Um, when an 8 year old is having sex with a teenager, I'm pretty sure it's rape no matter what. 😐

  42. Joan Brown

    ….Or maybe an 8 year old don't know how to consent, Tiana Moore….Because most 8 year olds don't understand that they have the option to consent or not consent! It is utterly ridiculous to hold an eight year old accountable for being lured into sex with a 13 year old!!

  43. Joseph Germany

    lol…these lil kids are a-1 freaks these days and no it not rape..both they lil nasty asses knew wat they were gettin into….this country is on a moral toboggan..

  44. Anonymous

    My GOD! How on Earth did they succeeded to do it in the school bus and not being caught? Those are pretty skilful kids if you ask me ;).

  45. Donn Thee Love Doctaa

    Not shocked really, i remember a friend of mine in 3rd grade gave me a condom & told me to fuck a girl. But I grew up in south central & its different strokes for different folks.

  46. Arx Ferrum

    Sounds like a parenting issue… not one for the state. Counciling and education for the kids… and maybe a swift kick for the parents.

  47. Anonymous

    anytime a young girl is talked into sex by a much older male it is most likely a form of rape, will they charge him , who knows, but I assure you the girl was not horny and the guy was , end of story.

  48. Anonymous


  49. Anonymous

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  50. Rico Bendimez

    Hah! I think the whole school should be fired, clearly it is their fault for teaching kids how to hide sex from a camera. THEY ARE AT FAULT. (On a serious note: I hope they used protection. Not much you can really do to stop a kid from fucking on a bus, apparently.)

  51. Rico Bendimez

    Hah! I think the whole school should be fired, clearly it is their fault for teaching kids how to hide sex from a camera. THEY ARE AT FAULT. (On a serious note: I hope they used protection. Not much you can really do to stop a kid from fucking on a bus, apparently.)

  52. Luna Balsamic

    This country is decaying more and more….It's almost a self-punishment and head trip to read the news—especially things like this and to know that there are people out there who think this type of behavior is acceptable. Any time an 8-year-old is that sexualized, that lets you know her bubble of purity that all children are supposed to be entitled to has been severely corrupted. My heart goes out to her because her life has been changed forever….

  53. Fatim El

    Bus aids need to sit with the students not in the front talking to the driver, texting or ooking out the window. They should monitor students with stand up watches and short walks, change of seats and asure girlsare not sitting with boys but also monoitor same sex activities.

  54. Tamara Booker T Stephens

    Tiana Moore ok NO, r u serious!?!! Because molestation/rape tends to be done by someone u kno and shud be able to trust…so, from that perspective, I can see that they THOUGHT it was consensual, but the law is the law and she wasn't old enuf to consent, period! I assume u have NO CHILDREN because any parent with HALF a brain wud be outraged by this…nieces maybe? so you wud be OK if sum 13 yr old (in some cultures a grown man @ 13yrs) started f*k'n yo 8 yr old daughter or niece? SMDH… that's what it sounds like you're saying to me. Educate them, yes…allow them to 'experiment' HELL NAW!! You really need to THINK B4 U SPEAK! if you do have kids, or nieces/nephews, i feel sorry for em…

  55. Tiana Moore

    Kids are giving blowjobs at 8. This is nothing new. How about upping the sex-ed. 8 year olds can consent. They surely do when they want their ears pierced.

    And rose- What exactly am I faking? If they don't want to be touched, then they need to make the 'no' clear, and learn how to fight.

  56. Joan Brown

    Although a thirteen year old is supposedly more mature than an eight year old, he is still a child too. A child who happens to understand better than an eight year that what he was doing was wrong. But the thirteen year old was emulating what he perceives as adult intimacy. I am not making assumptions, but I believe because of the age difference, the thirteen year old lured the eight year old into having sex with him based on his perception of how things are done in relationships. I do not believe that the thirteen year old fully understood what he was doing, but he understood enough to get the eight year old to have sex with him….And I believe that the thirteen year old should be held accountable differently for his actions than the eight year old, because he knew better than she did!…But again, it should be kept in mind that they are both children.

  57. Joan Brown

    Kristina Woods, a thirteen year old may not be able to consent to having sex with an adult, but most thirteen year old can lure an eight year old into having sex with them. Because of the age difference and the maturity that goes with the age difference. But technically commenting, a thirteen year old is still a child as well, but an older child, who should have known better than an eight year old that they wasn't suppose to have sex because they are not adults.

  58. G.s. Battell

    I'm sorry but a 13 year old boy (8th grade) should know that it is morally wrong to be having sex with a first/second grader. It is rape.

  59. G.s. Battell

    oh, and how many first graders could even define the word much less the intent of "consent"?

  60. G.s. Battell

    an almost high school student knows they should NOT have sex with a first or second grader!

  61. G.s. Battell

    an almost high school student knows they should NOT have sex with a first or second grader!

  62. Tiana Moore

    I've never met a 13 year old boy, and I even went and asked my nephew, if he thought it was wrong. He said the older the women are trying to get to you, the worse. Nothing about this is rape. Get your panties out of a twist. First graders consent to ear piercings. Same ol

  63. G.s. Battell

    you are out of your very LITTLE mind, most first graders can't even spell consent much less give it. By your logic the first grader who agrees to help the pediphile find the lost puppy understands and consents to her rape.

  64. G.s. Battell

    Tiana Moore . You are a liar…..if you are 22 years old, you have met 13 year old boys in your life and if you attended public school you met A LOT of middle school boys. If your nephew doesn't know that an 8th grader should not have sex with a FIRST GRADER then his parents should be facing child endangerment charges. My E.S. school son knows no one should be having sex with an 8 year old and he is many years younger than this boy.

  65. James Ames

    Just think about the crap you did in school. it was just as bad. I remember people having sex and getting blow jobs on the bus. Would I want my two daughters to do it no but it happens and there really isn't anything anybody can do about it. At least it was a 20-50 year old man doing it. It was two kids nothing illegal about it.

  66. Daniel Gastelum

    Hymn..consensual sex between an 8 yr old girl and a 13 yr old boy? Disgusting. How biblically gross in primitive design. Why don't the uptight monkeys get it over with and middle-eastern desert marry them.

  67. Daniel Gastelum

    and fundamentalists of any kind who find this story repulsive need to take a hard honest look at the dark corners of their religious histories..their literal church and temple foundations are built upon this filth. It was not only condoned, but forced.

  68. Joan Brown

    ….I would also like to add, Kristina Woods regarding the fact it's possible that a thirteen year old would be unable to consent to having sex with an eight year old if the thirteen year old's mental age capacity is less than the eight year old's. For example, the thirteen year old's mental age capacity is that of a four year old's. Which I doubt very seriously that that is the case. Because the school those children attends is the school for the deaf, not the mentally challenged….And deaf don't make people dumb!!….

  69. Kendra Davis

    Bet this wasnt the first time, just the first time they got caught…think on that.

  70. James Hannon

    An 8 yr old can consent to sex? Good thinking Tiana!! So if s 40 yr. old guy enters a sexual relationship with an 8 yr. old girl, you'd be OK with that? What if he gets her to "consent" to having sex with him and two of his buddies? Still good, right?

  71. G.s. Battell

    it's obvious (and a blessing) that Tiana has no children. Let's just hope that for the good of any possible future progeny that she develops a hint of maternal instinct or just abstains.

  72. Mark J Schumaker

    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20

  73. Leslie Korn

    I would inquire into these children's home life- where is this coming from? Is there sexual abuse at home or elsewhere that would make these children think to do this?

  74. Casey Manning

    Wow people are deluded. Kids of these ages have sex all the time. Its natural behavior but people want to act like it's not. Save your indignation for something worthwhile like the trade in sex slaves.

  75. Grace Pacheco Reyna

    Tiana Moore you are all kinds of ignorant. So is your nephew, but atleast he has a reason (age). You would feel differently if it were your child. The ability to say "no" or not, does not justify it. If someone threatened you with harm if you said anything during a rape, did you consent because you could have said no?? Minors can not consent because they do not have the mental capacity to understand what they are doing or the consequences of their actions. Apparently you need sex education yourself otherwise you would know that it's a learned behavior. Sex is supposed to be between consensual adults, not ignorant, uneducated, abused (bad learned behavior) or horny children.

  76. Jenny Garnsey

    Tiana, 8 years old is when a little girl finds out where babies come from, not learn how to make them with hands on experience. Yes, sex ed is important and it should be taught early, but that doesn't mean she is old enough to have sex. In statutory rape, overt force or threat need not be present. The laws[where?] presume coercion, because a minor or mentally challenged adult is legally incapable of giving consent to the act. Also, the oldest of the two is 13 years old, into or past puberty, making them more likely to be charged as an adult or see as a child molester. How would you like it if you had a daughter who was 8 years old and left her with a baby sitter who is 14. that is pretty much one year older than that other kid, and usually the time kids start babysitting. Lets say that babysitter coerced your little girl into having sex with them by using the fact that the little girl just wants to hang out with the big kids. I'm not kidding, this crap happens. How would you feel if that was YOUR little girl? Or your little sister, or niece? This 13 year old boy needs to see a psychiatrist and be tested to make sure he isn't aroused by little girls, because once you go there, cases show, they don't get better.

  77. Jenny Garnsey

    Tiana Moore I knew of kids having sex when I was a 6th grader. That was 12 years old. And even at that age I couldn't believe it. It was true, but it was wrong. It is wrong. Period. An 8 year old child does not have the mental capability to handle those situations. You talk to any mental psychoanalyst. And morally it is wrong. They're still just babies. On top of which they were kids that went to a school for the deaf. Being a kid who was in a few S.P.E.D. classes growing up (because of ADD) I know that some kids will do "anything" to feel accepted. This older kid probably didn't even realize that he was using that to his advantage. He doesn't realize that he is sick. At 8 years old that very little girl has not even gone through puberty to know what it was she was getting into. By the way you are saying that kids already do these things, you're saying its okay and that they just need some sex education. It is not okay. Its not. They're growing up too quickly. they're losing their childhood. Its enough to make me second guess sending a child to school and instead just home school them.

  78. Jenny Garnsey

    Kristina Woods Actually, yes, a 13 year old can consent to sex with another under age kid. As I stated earlier, I knew girls and boys in middle school who were having sex at the age of 12 and 13, together. They talked about it like you'd here a group of frat boys at a college talk about it today.
    That doesn't mean I'm saying its okay. Its not. We didn't have sex education until high school so those kids were already probably spreading STDs. Some could have gotten pregnant. And I lived in a city that was huge on "Focus on the Family". And it often is not the fault of parents either. Would you seriously think your daughter was old enough at 12 to do these things? No, probably not. A lot of times, you meet the parents, and the kids act totally different around Mom and Dad. They haven't got a clue. So, yeah, Sex education needs to start earlier, and also education for young kids about letting someone touch you in places they shouldn't until you're an adult and, hopefully, in love with that person.

  79. Tom Stough

    Joan Brown You don't really think that a typical 13 year old boy, is going to have the mental maturity to reason, about not doing adult behaviors. The immature hormones of sexual development in say, 12 to 18 year olds, over rides the sound reasoning of adult hood. Both of those children need intense counseling, to heal from all the trauma they've experienced. Not a "criminal act" at all.

  80. Susann Whinnie

    By law, the 8-year-old cannot consent; therefore it's a heinous act of rape!!

    Seriously, get real.. Skewered definition of rape. I believe there needs to be expansion of the context of rape to avoid punishing people that didn't deserve punishment and altering the course of their lives negatively when nobody's life was altered to start.
    The only discourse for these children should be counseling: why, they were ok doing that in a public environment; infront of other kids, risking school expulsion. They both should be educated on safety, pregnancy, and, perhaps backlash to me now, given condoms.
    That's better prevention than: criminal prosecution, a permanent record, and possibly sex-offender-status.

    The children are both victims of their own raging hormones.

    Here we have people that subconsciously wish the 8-year-old protected, and yet wouldn't we equally wish that for the 13-year-old? They're too young for those kinds of activities, they haven't matured nor understood all the implications and consequences, regardless of state and federal laws. They're kids, ok. How better to protect children than providing care and education?

    Face it; teachers, officers, parents, volunteers, peers, we aren't capable of preventing these children's natural experimentation with another, unless the parents are pulling them into home-schooling–detrimental given the reasons–they shouldn't be harmed while we're trying to protect them, that's just harmful.

  81. Liz Sharpen

    For those who wanted to watch the actual Video of this incident,you may watch it as
    Anonymous have uploaded it online @


    WARNING: This video are not appropriate for children & may be deemed offensive to some.

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