CW Has Confirmed 'The Originals' Will Finally Follow 'The Vampire Diaries'

‘The Originals’ Will Follow ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ CW Confirms

The CW has now released its fall schedule for the 2015-2016 season, and The Originalswill finally follow The Vampire Diaries. It is something that many fans of the two shows questioned in the past, considering the former is a spinoff of the latter. For some reason, the network chose to put The Originals on a Monday night, despite its parent show remaining on a Thursday night.

It does mean a small shakeup for the network, considering Reign used to follow the vampire program on a Thursday. All eight shows from last season have been renewed, so where has Reign gone? It will now air on a Friday night, which could be dangerous for the struggling show. While it is going into its third season, many fans worried that it would not get picked up. The ratings are low, and ratings for a Friday night are traditionally the lowest out of all the weekdays.

Instead of The Originals airing on a Monday night, a new show will take its place. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the only new show to the network this season, according to The Washington Post. Jane The Virgin will remain on a Monday night, and the rest of the line-up has not changed that much.

The only other notable change, according to, is the decision to hold off on The 100. While it has been renewed for a third season, the shorter-season show will be held off as a midseason program. iZombie has been so popular on Tuesday nights that it will return for the fall season, keeping its current position at 9p.m.

What does that mean for the rest of the shows now that The Originals and Reign have moved? Flash, Arrow and Supernatural will all remain in their current positions. That means Tuesdays for Flash and Wednesdays for Arrow and Supernatural. It may seem strange for many that the Arrow spinoff Flash remains on a different night, the way The Originals remained on a different night to its parent show. Maybe the CW network will change that next year.

There will be some new programs brought to the network for the midseason schedule. These include CS’s Legends of Tomorrow and Containment. Constantine is definitely not being picked up by the network after being canceled by NBC.

It is not a major change to the network. The Originals and Reign fans will just have to remember their new nights, and the rest will return as normal.

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