Fans Of 'The Vampire Diaries' Said Their Goodbyes To Elena Gilbert In The Season Finale

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Fans Really Got The Chance To Say Goodbye To Elena Gilbert [Spoilers]

Fans of The Vampire Diaries really did get the chance to say goodbye to main female protagonist Elena Gilbert. It was a fitting end to the character, and definitely does not mean she is gone forever. If Nina Dobrev ever decides to come back, there will be a way to do it.

The Vampire Diaries fans feared that the writers would kill the character off in the end. How else would it allow Damon to stick around in Mystic Falls? Surely, if Elena left, then Damon would leave too, but Ian Somerhalder had already signed on for season seven of the show.

Instead of killing her, they placed her into a coma-like state linked to Bonnie. As long as the witch is alive, Elena will remain in the coma, according to Yahoo. When given the choice, Damon saved Bonnie, knowing that Elena would never be happy knowing that her friend’s life had been given up for her. Elena has always sacrificed herself for a friends; just look at the season two and three finales of The Vampire Diaries.

The good news is that unlike some other shows—specifically Grey’s Anatomy—fans of The Vampire Diaries got the chance to say goodbye. The characters allowed Elena into their minds, where she manipulated their thoughts to place them in areas of Mystic Falls that mean something to each other. Matt was on Wickery Bridge, while Bonnie and Caroline were in Elena’s old bedroom. Stefan was on the mountain from the second season and Damon was on the road that the two first met. It was a fitting end for Elena, and a great chance for each character to say their goodbyes.

The characters got their own goodbyes—and “see you later” speeches for the vampires. Elena shared her hopes with each of them, mimicking the hopes that many fans have for the individual characters. The closure each character got gave fans the closure they deserved for the end to this chapter.

The season finale of The Vampire Diaries also set some storylines up for the season seven premiere. Somerhalder teased with Entertainment Weekly recently that the Damon from season one will return, and that means it will be brother against brother. However, Stefan’s goodbye led to the foreshadowing of him remembering that his brother is worth saving. While the finale also led to the death of Kai, Lily has been reunited with her vampire/witch hybrid friends and they look like they will become the main big evils for The Vampire Diaries.

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