Andrew Wardle, 'Man With No Penis,' Gets Special

Andrew Wardle, ‘The Man With No Penis,’ Gets TLC Special

Andrew Wardle was born without a penis, but hasn’t let that stop him from sleeping with “more than 100 women,” according to a promo from TLC.

That’s right. The man the Inquisitr has told you about before will now go mainstream with what the network calls an “astonishing, unique, and poignant insight” into the challenges that a man with Wardle’s rare condition must face.

The last time that Andrew Wardle made this site, it was for dropping that bombshell about passing the century mark on his amorous exploits.

Wardle’s condition, penile agenesis, has not derailed his love life, in part because he was born with two testicles like most men. But unlike most men, he didn’t get the other part, but instead was diagnosed with the condition that affects approximately one man in every five to six million.

While it isn’t clear how Andrew Wardle was able to have sex with that many women without revealing his secret, he has apparently only shared it with “about 20 percent” of the women that he has slept with.

(This may be something he reveals on the special when it airs June 11.)

Wardle admitted that not all of the women took it well, noting that one had even punched him in the face when she found out the truth.

The special chronicles 12 months of Wardle’s life, reveals details about his confession to his unsuspecting girlfriend and the extensive life-changing surgery that would enable him to have a functional penis.

This groundbreaking 12-hour operation would involve doctors taking skin, blood vessels, and nerves from Wardle’s arm to construct the new penis.

TLC Promo – The Man With No Penis from Nicki Noermark on Vimeo.

Not only is this not the first time the Inquisitr has told you about Andrew Wardle, it’s also not the first time that there have been odd penile medical conditions to grace the site.

Take this story about a man born with two penises, who posted an image at the beginning of 2014 on Reddit to prove it, has now reportedly penned his memoir, anonymously of course, as he said that if he revealed his identity, his life “would never, ever be the same again.”

The tongue-in-cheek memoir, entitled Double Header, talks about the condition known as Diphallia, which affects just one in six million males in America.

What do you think about stories like this and that of Andrew Wardle, readers — fascinating or TMI? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via TLC, video link above]