Heidi Klum Whisked To Safety

Heidi Klum Whisked To Safety As Bomb Threat Abruptly Ends ‘Top Model’ Finale

The final episode of a reality show typically yields some tense moments as cast members bid adieu to their peers, hosts, and viewing public. But the finale of Heidi Klum’s show Germany’s Top Model brought a little too much real-life drama to the stage and televisions screens alike when the much-anticipated episode ended abruptly following a bomb scare.

According to Sky News, German television station ProSieben received a call from an unidentified woman around 9:00 p.m. local time, claiming there was a bomb somewhere in the vicinity of the site of the show’s live broadcast.

According to U.K.-based Express, the Top Model set at Mannaheim, Germany’s SAP Arena was evacuated around 9:30 p.m. local time after news spread of a bomb threat against the show. Heidi Klum and the show’s other judges were led to safety and the entire audience found their way to the parking lot. A sweep of the arena did not uncover any explosives.

German news agency SWR tweeted updates regarding the situation, initially noting some confusion as Mannaheim police worked to confirm the bomb threat. Initially, police had no information regarding the threat but show organizers erred on the side of caution, making an independent decision to evacuate the area.

Video of the evacuation was posted on YouTube.

Sky News advised that an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 people vacated SAP Arena after ProSieben officials ultimately made the call to end the program. The live broadcast was initially scuttled under the guise of technical issues and the company then aired a feature film to round out programming for the evening.

Heidi Klum acknowledged the abrupt finish to the show via her personal Twitter account, telling fans that things didn’t end as she’d hoped. She closed with the words “Safety first!”

There’s no word yet on how or when ProSeiben will wrap up the tenth season of Germany’s Top Model, as the show’s remaining four contestants currently await word on how they have fared in their respective quests for fame and fortune. Australia’s 9 News has indicated that Klum’s father and manager, Guenther Klum, has declined any public comment on the matter at present.

It’s worth noting that the renowned supermodel brings more than just good looks to the table when it comes to media and marketing. A recent article by Inquisitr sheds some light on how Klum has proven herself as an astute businesswoman, becoming a virtual brand unto herself. It’s a relative certainty, then, that Heidi Klum will take the lead in getting her show back on track as soon as possible so that eager fans can finally learn who will be Germany’s next top model.

[Photo by Caroline McCredie/Getty Images for David Jones]