Scott Disick Says Kourtney Kardashian Is Fat, Shames Her On Social Media

Scott Disick has always been Kourtney Kardashian’s harshest critic and he has never shied away from publicly expressing his severe criticism. Last Wednesday, Disick uploaded an old snap of Kardashian as a reminder of her slimmer days and people are not happy about it. He is now being slammed for being “unfair” and unappreciative.

The picture, which was taken in 2010, showed Kardashian flaunting off her pre-maternal curves in a tangerine string bikini. This photograph was posted just a few days after their Mexican vacation shots were released to the public. In the photos from Mexico, Kardashian looked heftier which made Lord Disick absolutely displeased.

scott disick instagram pic

Despite this harsh post, Kardashian took it coolly by responding to Disick’s post with a snap on her own Instagram profile. In the photo, she donned an all-black gym ensemble and showed off a pink sports water bottle with the brand: Lyfe Tea.

kourtney kardashian

The reality star captioned her post, “So after a fun vacation, it’s time to get back on track. NEED to start back hard core in the gym and start my @lyfe_tea teatox today!! Ready for that boost in metabolism!”

Recent reports confirm that Kardashian is indeed “back on track.” She shared that she had been working out with a trainer and sometimes, with a gym buddy.

“Some days Khloe will join me, or I have a girlfriend I’ve been working out with – just setting that trainer session and knowing I’m not going to flake,” she said.

kourtney kardashian workout

Apparently, Disick’s coarse treatment of Kardashian has been going on for years. An insider revealed, “Scott is always trying to remind Kourtney of how hot she used to be. It is totally unfair because she had three children that were his doing, and for her to be able to look like she did prior to having the kids is just impossible.”

kourtney kardashian pregnant photo

The insider added, “She is beautiful just the way she is and her friends are constantly telling her to just ignore his insults. But it is hard.”

Furthermore, the source also claimed that since Disick adopted a fake healthy lifestyle, he thinks he is already healthy and has been extra tough on Kardashian.

Scott Disick calls Kourtney Kardashian fat

Despite the disappointing social media post by Disick, Kardashian is still not budging. She’s staying right by his side and they are actually planning to go on another trip together. Later this month, Disick will be celebrating his 32nd birthday in Las Vegas.

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