Troy Tulowitzki Trade Rumors: Colorado Rockies Shortstop Addresses Trade Request

Troy Tulowitzki trade rumors aren’t going to go away. For the Colorado Rockies, the latest Tulowitzki trade talk is positive, though, as the All-Star shortstop made some bold statements. Since last season, it has been rumored that Tulowitzki wants out of Colorado, and that the Rockies had been shopping him to teams that included the New York Yankees. As relayed in a report by the Denver Post late Thursday (May 14), he isn’t trying to force the Rockies into dealing him. Tulowitzki spoke at length about the Colorado Rockies, the 2015 MLB season, and all the trade rumors swirling.

Whatever happens on the Rockies’ end happens, but for me to sit here and try to force my way out of here, that’s not the case.

The one thing I do want to make clear is that I don’t know where the talk came from of me demanding a trade. There is no talk like that and never has been. And my relationship with the Rockies… we never wanted it to get to that point.

Taking the comments that Tulowitzki is making at face value, it is clear that he doesn’t want to cause waves in the situation. He may be frustrated by how many games the Colorado Rockies are losing, but he is also unwilling to force the hand of the only Major League Baseball team he has played for in his career. That could actually lead to increase his value in the trade market, because loyalty can go a long way with other teams.

Heading into Friday (May 15), the Rockies have the worst record in the National League West at 12-19. They are also tied for the fewest wins in MLB, setting the team up for what could be a very long season of rumors about player personnel. This makes it very unsurprising that fresh Troy Tulowitzki trade rumors would surface. When he is healthy, Tulowitzki is one of the best hitters in the game, making him a hot commodity for teams like the New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, or Seattle Mariners. All three contenders could use an improvement on offense from the shortstop position.

As previously reported on the Inquisitr, Tulowitzki had his name come up quite a bit when Derek Jeter announced his retirement. He would be a huge upgrade on offense for the New York Yankees, and the team seems like the big-market situation that could really make Tulowitzki a household name. While he is considered one of the best hitters in baseball by nearly every MLB analyst, fans haven’t been able to see him play consistently on the national stage.

In 91 games during the 2014 MLB season, Troy Tulowitzki had a.340 batting average, a.432 on-base percentage, and 40 extra base hits to his credit. If he could just stay healthy, and he has shown that ability so far in the 2015 MLB season, many teams could be calling the Colorado Rockies about a trade soon.

[Image Source: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images]