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Rihanna’s Dior Ads, Ciara Controversy, ‘SNL’ Video: Even The Promo With Louis C. K. And Leslie Jones Goes Viral [Video]

Rihanna seems to make news wherever she goes. Not long ago, Rihanna found herself defending an Instagram video that seemed to portray the “American Oxygen” singer using cocaine. However, as reported by the Inquisitr, the singer quickly clapped back at the controversy by writing, “Any fool could see that’s a joint I’m basing with [sic] cigarette!”

Now, Ri-Ri is going viral again. The new video, titled “Rihanna and Louis C.K. Cause Leslie Jones To Lose Control” on the Saturday Night Live YouTube channel, is gaining so many views that YouTube has given it the standard 301+ views for videos going viral. Published on May 14, the 51-second long video shows Jones acting like a fangirl when Rihanna speaks to her.

Meanwhile, Louis claims that he’s running away with Rihanna to Hawaii, because she’s his girlfriend, he says. Rihanna gives that answer a big resounding no, all the while trying to look sexy and sultry throughout the video clip. The YouTube video seems to cut off at an odd spot, but that hasn’t stopped it from going viral quickly.

Louis C.K. hosts the season 40 finale of Saturday Night Live with musical guest Rihanna on May 16, 2015.

Meanwhile, Rihanna is also making fashion news for her Palace of Versailles ads, as reported by E! Online. That campaign represents Rihanna’s first advertisements for Dior’s Secret Garden, and that sexy debut is being called worth the wait.

Besides the fashion front, Rihanna is winning applause for her “B**** Better Have My Money” song. “BBHMM” has been remixed by plenty of electronic music producers because of its catchy beat and thumping hook. But it’s Rihanna’s turn, as the first black woman to star in a Dior ad that’s gaining steam, along with her SNL gig.

Fans are also discussing the fact that singer Ciara has said that she doesn’t view herself as second fiddle to Beyoncé and Jay Z – saying she’s in her own world, reports the Guardian‎. It’s a statement that has also caused Rihanna’s fans to chime in on Twitter. Plus, rumors about Rihanna possibly dating rapper Drake once more have resurfaced.

As reported by People, Rihanna’s Dior ads and video are stunning, as seen on the Dior Instagram page.

[Image via SNL]