Did Liam Payne And Sophia Smith Just Visit A Wedding Planner?

Did Liam Payne And Sophia Smith Just Visit A Wedding Planner?

Rumors are circulating that Liam Payne and his girlfriend Sophia Smith could be hearing wedding bells soon. According to the Mirror, there were reports earlier this week that Liam had been heading to see Mindy Weiss, a wedding planner to the stars. Those reports were denied by Liam and his team, as the Mirror went on to mention. Liam and the rest of One Direction have been the center of quite a good deal of controversy since Zayn Malik left the band. There was even speculation that members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson might leave the band next (those rumors don’t appear likely so far).

Speculation aside, we do know that a representative for One Direction denied any such event ever happened. According to the International Business Times, fans seemed to think Sophia and Liam might be moving in together when it was announced Liam bought a new house in Surrey, U.K. So far, that fire doesn’t seem to have any fuel either, and given how quickly celebrity relationships usually erode, there’s no telling if Liam and Sophia will take theirs to the next level anytime soon (no matter how many tween-age girls would swoon over it).

As it stands now, there’s no reason to believe Liam and Sophia are even engaged. Liam met his current girlfriend in high school and they have been dating for 2 years, according to the International Business Times. Sugarscape, a self-declared online community for teenage girls, shot down rumors that Liam and Sophia went to see a wedding planner with a single tweet.

Celebrities have always been the target of excessive gossip, and it seems the more popular they are, the more frenzied everyone becomes when “news” like this drops (Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians are perfect examples, but we won’t go into them now). It’s not much of a secret that One Direction and Liam fall under that category of “Super Popular Stars” who seem to have come from nowhere and are now suddenly famous.

Ever since One Direction finished third in the 2010 season of The X Factor, they have been a pop culture phenomenon, and it only makes sense that their members’ every moves are being watched by the public (even Zayn Malik is still popping up here and there in headlines after quitting the band). So, what are your predictions? Will Sophia and Liam tie the knot, and why or why not? Would Liam’s relationship with the band affect/be affected by his relationship with Sophia if they were to get married?

[Image Credit: Teen.com]