Facebook Beer

Man Attempts To Get Wife Drunk So He Can Use Facebook

Doyle Hardwick is what we like to call a horrendously fanatical Facebook fan. How fanatical? When his 54-year-old wife wouldn’t go to sleep so he could browse the social network in peace he convinced her to drink eight beers and when that didn’t work he called the police.

As the story goes Doyle drank four beers and for each of his own he gave his wife two. After she had finished her eight beers she said she wasn’t tired so being the good husband he is Hardwick called 911.

When a deputy arrived on the scene Hardwick explained:

“His wife was supposed to go to sleep after he gave her the beers because that was their agreement.”

In his own words Doyle told the officer:

“I just wanted someone to make my wife do what I wanted her to do.”

Instead of his wife going to sleep Hardwick was arrested for misuse of the emergency 911 service. Last month Hardwick was sentenced to 60-days in jail but he never showed up, probably because he was too busy browsing his Facebook profile.

Hardwick finally turned himself in on Tuesday to serve out his sentence.

If the story ended there it would be an amusing little tale but it turns out that he received a similar misuse of 911 charge in 2010 after he kept calling 911 to report “neighbors defecating into old vehicle fuel tanks for the past three weeks” he then asked police officers if they would give him a ride. For that stunt he received 10 days in jail.

Do you think Facebook is a bit too addicting for some users?