SMITE (Xbox One)

‘SMITE’ Enters Closed Beta On Xbox One, ‘Founders Pack’ Unlocks All Gods

SMITE has officially exited alpha testing on the Xbox One and is now in a closed beta test. The third-person PC MOBA has enjoyed a successful transition to the console thus far, but now it ready to expand it audience to a larger audience.

Those interested in participating in the beta should head over to SMITE‘s Xbox One page and go through a simple sign-up process. You can also follow Hi-Rez personalities like HiRezStew on Twitter to obtain beta keys. Those that were a part of the closed alpha test will automatically carry over to the closed beta test.

If you are not opposed to paying money for a free-to-play game, you can also join the SMITE closed beta by purchasing the $30 Founder’s Pack. This pack not only unlocks every god character in the game, but will also make every future god playable for you immediately upon release. Note that this pack will not be available once the game officially launches on the Xbox One later this year.

PC players can now transfer over their existing SMITE accounts to the Xbox One. This is a one-time transfer that unlocks all of the gods and skins that you have currently unlocked. However, it does not bring gems over, so you’ll want to spend those before making the transition. Once the transfer is complete, the PC and Xbox One SMITE accounts go on separate paths.

If Hi-Rez Studios follows the same path as it did with the PC version, SMITE should enter open beta in a couple of months before officially launching later this year.

SMITE (Xbox One)

For those unfamiliar with SMITE, the premise is similar to leading MOBAs such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. The game features multiple pantheons of gods and deities based on Norse, Greek, Chinese, Egyptian, Roman, and Mayan mythologies, as well as the Hindu religion.

The primary difference between SMITE and competing MOBAs is also the reason the game will work on consoles. It utilizes a third-person, over the shoulder camera versus the top-down camera in Dota 2 and League of Legends. It is heavy on the action, and currently offers several different control schemes for console players. Hi-Rez Studios has been tweaking and adding Xbox One control schemes based on feedback from players.

Here’s the official breakdown from SMITE‘s website.

  • ENTER THE ACTION – Unlike other MOBAs, SMITE takes you directly into the action with a third-person perspective, letting you see the battle from an up-close-and-personal point of view. From blind-side ambushes to eagle-eyed aimed shots, a new universe of strategic possibilities awaits.
  • RISE AS A GOD – Thor, Kali, Ra, Zeus, Sun Wukong and many, many more–choose from over 60 playable Gods, and blast your foes with legendary weapons, earth-shattering powers and unique strategies.
  • JOIN THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON – With leagues and ladders for every level of play, SMITE’s burgeoning eSports community has room for everyone, whether you’re new to the game, or competing in front of a global audience at the annual SMITE World Championship.
  • TACTICAL GAMEPLAY – Master your godlike abilities to fulfill key roles such as damage dealer, tank, crowd control and support. Explore the map and defeat enemy NPCs for increased gold and buffs that help both you and your allies. Then deny your opponents victory with perfectly executed ambushes and teamwork.
  • POWER UP – Within a single match, your God levels from 1 to 20, strengthening your abilities with each step. You can purchase in-game items and consumables to benefit your God and complement your personal play style, buffing your magical power, physical power, defense or utility as you see fit.
  • CALCULATED STRIKES Every attack in SMITE is a skill shot that you control. Ranged attacks must be carefully aimed, melee attacks properly positioned and Area of Effect damage targeted precisely. Predict your enemies’ movements and hit your mark for maximum impact in fast-paced combat.
  • FREE-TO-PLAY – Everything affecting gameplay in SMITE can be earned by simply playing the game. Players have access to an initial set of playable Gods for free, while additional Gods can be unlocked steadily through gameplay time or more quickly through micro-transactions. Cosmetic skins can also be purchased for further customization.

[Images via Hi-Rez Studios]