Best Son Ever Buys Parents Dream Hawaii Vacation For 50th Anniversary, Heartwarming Video Goes Viral

Nick Raymond is currently the best son in the world. While that’s almost an impossible statement to prove, the fact that he recently bought his parents a Hawaii dream vacation is proof enough that he should at least be in the top five.

Raymond, who hails from Staten Island, New York, surprised his mother and father with the amazing present to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Raymond also decided to record the reaction of 71-year-old Leo Raymond and 70-year-old Rosemary Raymond, and then uploaded the video, entitled “Revealing The Vacations For My Parent’s 50 Anniversary,” to YouTube.

The video clearly resonated with viewers. Because ever since it was uploaded to the website on May 10, 2015, it has been watched over 500,000 times.

Raymond took to the video’s about section to write,” My parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary next month and I wanted to get them something nice to celebrate. Through the last few months, I was able to find out that Hawaii is the one place they really like to go for a vacation.”

After gathering this information, Raymond decided to act because his mother had told him that it wasn’t “going to happen in her lifetime” since it was “too expensive and their bills took financial priority.”

Because of the impact that his parents have had on his and his sister’s lives, Raymond decided to take actions into his own hands and set about purchasing the dream vacation present for her folks.

Speaking to WABC, via ABC News, Raymond explained that he was inspired to organise the trip because, “They’re great people, and I don’t say that because they are my family. They’re just honest and caring people. Granted no one is perfect, I still couldn’t of ever had a better mother and father than they were to me.”

Nick Raymond also played the handing over of the present to his folks in the video in a very nonchalant fashion, which ultimately made the handing over of the present even more impressive. In the clip, Nick tells the pair, “I threw this together real quick for you and dad for your anniversary, so I figured I’d get you something stupid.”

Then after opening the box and pulling out some flowers, Nick told Rosemary to look into the box even further and pointed out that there was something inside that she’d missed. Rosemary found the card, and then after opening it she immediately found a card and numerous bits of papers inside.

Rosemary and Leo became more and more emotional as they discovered that their excursion will last for 12 days, while their trip will begin at the start of June. In a state of shock, Nick’s parents became emotional and speechless as it was explained to them that their bosses already knew of the trip.

[Photo by Skyseeker / Flickr]