3-Year-Old Holds Stolen Gun

Three-Year-Old Points Stolen Gun At Police: Suspect’s Toddler Daughter Points Loaded Glock Pistol At Investigators

A three-year-old pointed a stolen gun at police when they arrived to speak with her mother. They encountered something they surely didn’t expected with the toddler pointing a loaded Glock at them. Fortunately, the girl didn’t pull the trigger and authorities were able to get the firearm away from the girl.

It all started when San Bernadino police noticed two guns and other equipment missing from one of their cars on May 7. Police got a break in the case when they pulled over 25-year-old, Ramon Quintero. He was arrested after police searched his car and found one of the firearms and some of the equipment inside. Investigators were led to the home of Kimberly Torres, 20, when they learned she was the registered owner of the vehicle.

While police were speaking with the young woman inside the home, her three-year-old daughter walked out of a bedroom holding a stolen gun; she pointed it at investigators, Los Angeles Times reports. Luckily, they were able to get the gun away from her without any harm done.

The gun is described by KTLA 5 News as a semi-automatic pistol with a tactical light attached.

Torres was arrested and her daughter sent to county child and family service, said San Bernardino Police Lieutenant, Rich Lawhead.

“Obviously it’s a jaw-dropper for something like that to happen,” Lawhead says. “This could have ended much differently.”

Lawhead goes on to say that it’s the last thing police expect to see in someone’s home– a toddler holding a gun.

“You just don’t think of a 3-year-old holding a loaded firearm at you. It could have ended up actually shooting one of the officers that were there.”

Torres was booked on suspicion of child endangerment likely to produce bodily injury and possession of stolen property, according to the report. Records show she was bailed out Wednesday morning.

The Inquisitr has written on similar stories about toddlers holding guns, but not necessarily pointing them at police. Many two-and-three-year-olds have managed to get their hands on loaded pistols while in their parents’ bedrooms, or in an unsecured place inside the house. In almost all of the cases, the parents say they didn’t realize they left the guns out where they’d be easily accessed by their children.

There was an incident last year in which a certified gun owner had a pistol in her purse, but her toddler daughter discovered the gun and accidentally shot her in Walmart.

[Photo Credit: San Bernadino Police Department via KTLA 5 News]