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Peter Madrigal Confirms Stassi Schroeder’s Exit From ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Peter Madrigal has confirmed Stassi Schroeder’s exit from Vanderpump Rules. On May 14, Peter Madrigal spoke to TMZ in Los Angeles, commenting on his thoughts about his former SUR Lounge co-worker, as well as what she said about his boss and friend, Lisa Vanderpump.

“Stassi’s not coming back for season four. She dissed Lisa. She dissed everyone from Bravo. She called Lisa an ‘old woman.’ I don’t know what the f— her problem is. She can go f— herself at this point.”

Peter Madrigal said he was extremely upset about Schroeder’s comments about Vanderpump, which were made during a December 2014 interview on Sirius XM. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Schroeder appeared on the show with Vanderpump’s on-screen nemesis, Brandi Glanville, and didn’t hesitate to speak ill of her former boss.

“[Lisa], like, doesn’t like me. I don’t understand what her problem is. [She’s] like an old woman, why does [she] care what I’m doing?”

“I’m upset about it,” Peter Madrigal continued. “Ever since Lisa pulled me over and told me what Stassi Schroeder did, I saw like, ‘You know what? Screw that girl.'”

A short time before Peter Madrigal’s interview, TMZ reported news of Schroeder’s firing, claiming Vanderpump had grown tired of her bad behavior and alleging Schroeder and Vanderpump parted ways amicably. However, Peter Madrigal claims Schroeder’s exit from the show may not have been as civil as it seemed.

“I don’t think it was mutual. She just has a big head now, and I’m kind of like, ‘Whatever.’ Once you start a war with Lisa, then we are done.”

Continuing on about Schroeder’s “old lady” diss towards Vanderpump, who allegedly paid off a man to ensure he wouldn’t release an explicit film involving Schroeder, Peter Madrigal said, “That’s very disrespectful. Someone that put you on the map? That’s f—ing disrespectful.”

Peter Madrigal went on to say Vanderpump Rules would be better off without Schroeder, as her heart wasn’t in Season 3. He also said Vanderpump was still upset about the way Schroeder has treated her — and who wouldn’t be.

As for his own future on Vanderpump Rules, Peter Madrigal didn’t confirm or deny his return for Season 4, but since he is currently working at SUR Lounge, where the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spinoff is based, fans will likely see him when the show returns to Bravo.

To see Peter Madrigal’s complete interview with TMZ, check out the clip below.

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