'The Blacklist' stars Ryan Eggold and Megan Boone

‘Blacklist’ Spoilers, Renewal News: Answers Are Coming In Season 2 Finale

The Season 2 finale of The Blacklist airs Thursday night on NBC, and it is shaping up to be a wild ride. After two seasons of mystery, there are at least some answers coming in this May 14 finale. What Blacklist spoilers are available for this one? Will the team be back for Season 3 in the fall?

Megan Boone, who plays Liz Keen, tells Zap2It that there are a lot of big answers coming in “Masha Rostova.” In addition, fans will get a sense of where the show is headed for next season as well. Boone adds a bit of a Blacklist spoiler that what is revealed in this episode leads to major dynamic shifts going forward.

The name of the episode references Elizabeth Keen’s real name, and more about her real mother Katarina Rostova will be revealed. Is Liz’s mother still alive? Nobody is dishing out the goods on that key Blacklist spoiler yet, but it seems viewers will get some insight in this Season 2 finale.

Show creator Jon Bokenkamp teases via TVLine that the finale is “much messier, much more desperate, much more dissonant” than the Season 1 finale. It’s not known for certain if any key characters will be killed off, but it sounds as if fans should brace themselves for the possibility.

In “Masha Rostova,” Liz is on the run after being framed by the Cabal. The group is setting her up to look like a Russian spy, insinuating that she’s been working with Red all along. Blacklist spoilers via TV Guide tease that she’s backed into a corner to try to prove the truth and she’s mostly on her own.

Liz will have some help along the way, with Red and Tom still willing to help. Ever since Tom returned, viewers have been curious to see where Liz and Tom’s relationship would go, and there may be big developments in this episode.

It seems Cooper may prove to still be an ally for Liz, and Blacklist spoiler previews seem to tease that Ressler may still back her as well. Throughout the season, Liz has had to step outside her comfort zone to see things as less black and white. From the sounds of things, that definitely is the case in this episode.

The previews have shown that Liz will remember key details about the night of the fire, a revelation that seemingly leaves Red very much on edge. Fans have known he’s covered and twisted the truth about those times, and at least some of the answers about what really happened will now come out.

What about Cooper, his health, and Connelly? Blacklist spoilers indicate that this particular storyline will come to a conclusion in Thursday’s show. Bokenkamp also teases that there will be characters in grave danger in this episode and things will most definitely get messy.

Boone teases that people should be left feeling very satisfied once the Season 2 finale has aired. Will Liz stay on the run, relying on Tom and Red for support? It seems unlikely that there will be a neat and tidy conclusion to this one, but it is clear that things will be shifting for Season 3.

Not that it comes as a big surprise for fans, but NBC has renewed The Blacklist for Season 3 rather than cancel the show. From the sounds of things, some of the key threads of storyline from the first two season will now be laid to rest, but that doesn’t mean the show doesn’t have big plans regarding how to move forward.

What does Liz Keen learn and what is Raymond Reddington’s place in it all? Where do things head now with Tom Keen? Fans will learn a lot of answers during the Season 2 finale of The Blacklist airing Thursday night on NBC, then everybody will have to stay tuned for spoilers as Season 3 comes together.

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