Soccer Player Dies After Sustaining Fatal Head Injury During Match, Emanuel Ortega Was 21

The world of Argentinian soccer is currently in mourning after 21-year-old Emanuel Ortega died after he horrifically collided with a concrete wall during the contest.

The incident that ultimately led to Emanuel Ortega’s death occurred two weeks ago. According to the Independent, Ortega, who played for San Martin de Buzaco in the fifth tier of the Argentinian league, fractured his skull after he collided with the wall. After battling for the last 14 days, Ortega was declared dead on Thursday morning.

Ortega and a Juventud Unida player chased towards the by-line to keep the ball in play, but seconds after Ortega was able to prod it back in, he was then shoulder-barged by his opponent in a ferocious manner. Ortega immediately collapsed to the fall and then careered into the wall, which was around a meter away from the touchline, head first.

The gravity of the situation was immediately recognized by the player that smashed into Ortega who instantly gestured to the physio. Ortega remained motionless on the floor as he teammates gathered around him. Players stated that the injury produced a sickening amount of blood from his head.

Ortega could be seen to gesticulate and move in pain as he was placed into an ambulance that had come onto the pitch to assist the stricken victim. You can check out harrowing footage of the entire incident below.

After being taken to the hospital, it soon became apparent that Ortega was in grave danger. Last week, he was then given emergency surgery on the double skull fracture, but this was unable to save him.

On the day of Ortega’s injury, Cristian Ferlauto, who is the manager of San Martin, decided to absolve the player whose challenge on Ortega led to his death of any blame. Instead, he blamed the fact that a wall was so close to the pitch, calling it “crazy” and “a disgrace.”

Ferlauto remarked, “The wall is just a metre from the line. It’s crazy, there’s no protection. The security measures are taken thinking about the fans, and the fence is so high so that they can’t throw stones, but somethings are more important.”

Ortega’s death is the last in a number of on-field incidents that have resulted in the death of a number of players in recent weeks. Gregory Mertens died of heart failure during a contest last April, and Tim Nicot also suffered a fatal heart attack while playing for Beerschot-Wilrijk on May 11.

[Image via Perform Group]