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Custody Battle Looming? Is ‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Messer Losing Custody Of Adalynn Faith?

Could a custody battle be brewing between Leah Messer and her estranged husband, Jeremy Calvert? On May 14, Mstarz reported on the possibility, claiming Messer may be in jeopardy of losing her daughter, Adalynn Faith. According to the site, Calvert is ready for a nasty custody battle and feels Messer is an unfit mother.

Although Messer and Calvert have yet to officially announce their divorce, that shouldn’t sway fans from thinking it’s happening. After all, the cast is restricted from making announcements prior to their airing on the show, so if the couple is in fact divorcing as they’ve led fans to believe on social media, there won’t be an announcement until after season six premieres this summer.

On May 6, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup revealed details of the impending custody battling, claiming discussions regarding Adalynn’s child support and visitation have already begun.

“Leah was seeking over $1250 a month in child support from Jeremy, a price that Jeremy was most likely going to agree to, even though he knows it’s unfair.”

Because Messer doesn’t appear to have a career, aside from MTV, of course, Calvert has long been her financial stability, so once he’s gone, she may be in need of some serious cash — especially considering she is a mother of three. But while Calvert may agree to pay Messer a specific amount per month, he isn’t going to budge when it comes to his demands for visitation with Adalynn Faith, and if that means a messy custody battle, so be it.

“One thing Jeremy is not willing to budge on is custody of Addy. He does not feel that Leah is currently a fit mother.”

The Ashley‘s claimed Messer wants to have Adalynn remain at her home, at least for the most part.

“Leah wants Addy spend more time at her house than at Jeremy’s and is seeking more than 50/50 custody.”

Aside from their allegedly impending custody battle, Messer and Calvert are also headed for a divorce, and that might mean Calvert is forced to pay even more money to Messer. In most states, a non-working mother is due alimony, and Messer would likely be eligible for that as long as there wasn’t a legal reason for Calvert to abandon their marriage. If Calvert can prove infidelity, he could be exempt from giving her alimony, but would still be responsible for child support.

Messer and Calvert’s custody battle is expected to be discussed on Teen Mom 2 season six when the series premieres on July 9 at 10 p.m. on MTV. As the Inquisitr previously reported, filming of the series began months ago.

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