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The Brassage Bra: Little Support For The Self-Massaging Lingerie

Brassage Bra

A clothing manufacturer is coming under fire for its self-massaging bra called the Brassage. The Brassage bra is said to “promote healthy breast tissue” by delivering a nonstop massage while it’s on. Its makers go as far as to claim regular bras could be harmful for your health because, without the massaging feature, they encourage toxins to build up in the breasts.

The Brassage Bra

Previously retailing for around $60, the Brassage Bra was created by Intimate Health. ABC’s “Good Morning America” took a close look at the product this morning and questioned some of its claims.

“There’s no evidence the Brassage helps prevent anything,” the network says in its report. “And there’s no scientific data to support” its makers’ statements about regular bras’ toxin-forming effects, the story adds.

ABC News also notes that while the Brassage has marketing material claiming it was “doctor-designed,” in actuality, a chiropractor created the concept behind it — not an actual medical doctor.

Sales and manufacturing of the Brassage stopped shortly after ABC started questioning its claims, the network says.

See the full “Good Morning America” video report here.

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10 Responses to “The Brassage Bra: Little Support For The Self-Massaging Lingerie”

  1. Nellar319

    Being the daughter and niece twice over of three breast cancer survivors one of which matastasized to the spine, liver and lung, i would much rather try a massaging bra that could “possibly” help reduce my breast cancer % than a victoria's secret bra that cost just as much that doesn't massage my lymph nodes….good greif what does it hurt. The lady is not claiming it's a cure….there is no one looking for a cure just treatment.s A cure is preventing the disease from occuring in the first place not trying to kill you with the treatment…chemo, radiation…no thanks. My opinion….I have to wear a bra anyway, why not experiment a little and try getting a massage at the same time!

  2. melinda

    I would love one of these. never heard of b4 . It might not help , but its a good idea.wouldnt hurt thats for sure.
    where can i buy mine b4 they are gone?

  3. Darak

    I thought that the woman opposing the bra was wrong and how the media jumped to her side offended me. It is a free country for a while yet and it is people like her that is causing us to lose our freedom. She has a right not to buy the bra if she chooses, but for me I would try it.
    A chiropractor is to care about your whole body health and they study each system of the body and I say thank you for trying to invent a bra that might help. I hope doctors are trying to invent things to help also. I would rather look for prevention of illnesses, than to have a problem or illness.
    Dr. Flemmings a chiropractor has helped me when doctors could not.

  4. diane

    A mostly organic, comfortably-fitting, massage bra seems like it couldn't hurt and just might help with lymph and blood circulation. It makes sense that congested lymph flow, any sort of stagnation in the body , could contribute to ill health. It certainly doesn't feel good. How many bras are even comfortable??!! (especially by the end of the day..) I'd love to give one a try…any ideas how to find one? Looks like all the sources have been closed down now.

  5. Jennifer

    I am 60 years old and have worked in the health field for 25 years. I think this bra design is ingenious. Ms. Erteszek did not deserve the interrogation on GMA this morning. The area around the breast and armpit is so delicate and concentrated with lymph glands that what could a bra such as the Brassage hurt? It is just a very comfortable bra. Women are smart enough to know they must still maintain regular breast check-ups. Bras, for the most part, are very constricting, particularly underwire bras. Many bras DO interfere with a healthy flow of blood and lymph. The first thing a doctor will tell a patient with fibrocystic breast disease is to not wear an underwire bra for this very reason. The bra is not a cure or an absolute prevention. It is simply a healthy lifestyle, like wearing comfortable shoes instead of 4″ heels, which doctors will say causes foot, knee, and back problems. Or wearing knee highs which can cause circulation problems, or whatever. Let's exercise some common sense here.

  6. Donna

    I for one think this type of bra will work…… I have been knowlegeable about massage for the breast for several years now…. I also notice that the rubber type bras do hurt my breast after wearing them for several hours. This is more than likely a build up of something. Why the manufacturer would roll over like they did to the news people is not acceptable. They were getting free advertising. Why not give more support and still have the message.

  7. Ursula

    i don't think that ABC did women any justice by railroading the Brassage company out of town. it makes sense that something that massages that area of a woman's body would be healthier than a bra that doesn't. nobody was claiming that it stopped cancer just that it was healthier than a regular bra. i hope ABC didn't eliminate my opportunity to get one because i would love to get my hands on one or more.ABC you can still make a wrong right by telling me where i can buy a brassage.

  8. Drmatt

    If a lady wants me to offer chiropracty to her chest, I … just might.

  9. zola

    It saddens me to read about people who don't understand the human body and how it works. The body parts have to get the blood circulated to them or the body part will retain toxins and create dirty cells that could turn into cancer. Nobody is claiming that the bra will prevent cancer….they said that it will help rid the breast tissues of toxins. Yep, I think men need to have their breast tissue massaged too. Wake up America and learn about your bodies and how they work. I love my Chiropractor so much because he is an educated professional who knows how the body works and what it needs to stay healthy.
    Massage therapists help women with the lymph drainage in the body and the breasts need to be massaged to keep fresh blood flowing in the tissue. 10 years from now we may see that a bra like this can really help women. I wish I could find one…..I WOULD LOVE TO WEAR IT. WHERE CAN I FIND ONE ?

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