Munyee Lau letter

Munyee Lau Letter: Airline Passenger Pens Open Letter To Rude Traveler On AirAsia Flight

Munyee Lau wrote an open letter to a fellow airline passenger who was extremely rude during a recent AirAsia flight, and it’s now going viral. According to the Canada Journal, Lau was on an eight hour flight from Singapore to Sydney, but wasn’t able to rest one bit because of a passenger that was causing all kinds of problems from talking loudly to eating “obnoxious” snacks. Lau was so disturbed by this passenger, she decided to write down her thoughts and feelings… on a barf bag.

“I wrote the letter on the motion sickness bag because I couldn’t sleep a wink throughout the entire flight and had to find a means of distracting myself from the smell – short of jumping off the plane,” Lau said.

Munyee Lau’s letter is filled with sarcasm and is quite entertaining. Below are some of the highlights.

“Despite my common economy seat, you offered me a full back massage by repeatedly kicking the back of chair. To date, I have yet to regain full mobility of the lower half of my body. But since I am single, I suppose I don’t have much use for it anyway.”

“It was so nice of you to take off your shoes and put your feet between my seat and the plane window. It must have taken considerable effort – it was a small space but you stuck it as close to my face as you possibly could. Your kindness moves me.”

According to ABC News, Lau says that she wrote the letter just to be funny — even if she meant every word. She sort of found a silver lining in the terrible experience and has made a lot of people laugh after posting her letter on a Singaporean gag website. Of course, she has made other people angry, but there’s no way to please everyone, right?

“Rather than being traumatized by it, I figured I’d write about it because that’s how I cope,. Thus far, rather than the crying babies, this was by far the worse flight and the most humorous one. Some people were saying I was shaming the passenger and causing her harm. I wrote it to be comedic. We are all traveling and trying to get to our destination in one piece, but we should be sensitive and courteous to other people. My main goal is that people read it, look at the lighter side of life, and laugh at this seemingly daunting experience. I do gets some letters that say ‘I got a good laugh, you really made my morning’ and that’s why I write.”

The Munyee Lau letter is definitely worth the read, especially if you’ve had a traumatic flight experience due to another passenger’s unacceptable airline habits. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lau said the other passenger smelled like “Satan’s Anus“… if that doesn’t make you want to read the whole letter, what will?

[Photo by Andre Engels via Wikimedia Commons]