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Bravo Star Gia Giudice To Expose Father Joe’s Alleged Cheating?

Bravo star Gia Giudice is reportedly concerned about her father’s alleged affair with a stripper and planning to reveal the shocking news to her mother, Teresa, the imprisoned star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. On May 13, a source told Radar Online that Bravo star Gia is planning to expose her father’s alleged wrongdoings during an upcoming phone call to the Federal Correctional Facility, where Teresa is serving a 15-month term.

“Gia is on the Internet 24/7, and has a smart phone, and will have definitely seen the pictures of her dad with another woman. There is no doubt whatsoever that Gia will tell Teresa about it during their scheduled phone call, or via email. Teresa doesn’t have access to the Internet but inmates will have also heard about it from friends and family.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Teresa Giudice will remain behind bars until late this year, at which point she is excepted to return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey for season seven. Earlier this week, All Things Real Housewives reported the news, also claiming Joe had landed his own spinoff, which would follow him and his four daughters, including Gia, as they attempt to go on with their lives with Teresa behind bars.

While Gia is reportedly planning to tell her mother all she’s heard about her father’s alleged infidelities, there’s not much Teresa will be able to do about it. After all, she has limited contact with the outside world while in prison.

“Teresa is absolutely powerless to do anything, obviously because she is locked up. Phone time is only available during scheduled times. For Gia to be put in the middle of her parent’s drama is just sad. Teresa will grill Gia about Joe’s whereabouts, and if she has witnessed anything suspicious.”

Despite the fact that Gia is now a teenager and fully aware of what the tabloids are saying and the photos being posted, her father, Joe, is reportedly in denial about being caught cheating.

“Joe doesn’t ever think he will get caught, and knows he can do whatever he wants while Teresa is locked up. He is definitely living the life of a single man.”

The Bravo stars will reportedly be back to Bravo in the next several months although a premiere date for their upcoming spinoff has not yet been set. As for Teresa, she will be released just before Christmas.

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