Confirms Release Date of ‘Steins;Gate’ in Europe

PS Vita and PlayStation 3 Confirms Release Date of ‘Steins;Gate’ in Europe

PS Vita and PlayStation 3 users have been waiting for the Steins;Gate release ever since it was announced before 2014 ended. But months into 2015 and PS Vita and PlayStation 3 players found themselves still waiting.

Finally, the wait is over—but only in Europe. Hardcore Gamer reports that an English language release of Steins;Gate is already set in stone for PS Vita and PlayStation 3 in Europe. June 5 is the date to mark for all our European friends on the PS Vita and PlayStation 3 consoles. While it is reported that the PS Vita and PS3 North American release will also be happening this year, no official date has been announced as of writing.

Steins;Gate publisher PQube talks to Rice Digital about the PS Vita and PS3 release in the U.S.

“The US version is still in submission – for a second it was looking like we would have to make a change to the game, and obviously this is something we did not want to do. Thankfully Steins;Gate will remain intact. We’ll update on release timings when it exits Sony submission in the US.”

Otaku Study reports that the PS3 and PS Vita releases of Steins;Gate will come in three editions: a standard digital edition, a standard physical edition and special limited physical edition. The limited edition that will be available from GAME (UK) will come with a copy of the game for either PS Vita or PlayStation 3 and a 126-page art book that will contain special CG and key art.

Another interesting news with the PS Vita and PS3 Steins;Gate release is that it comes with quite a number of limited edition merchandise up for grabs. Fans could pre-order art books, a special El Psy Kongroo Edition, pins, and figurines. Steins;Gate shirts will also be sold exclusively by online UK Retailer Rice Digital.

A science fiction interactive visual novel, Steins;Gate follows the story of a group of young students who discovers they could change the past through text messages and a modified microwave. The game twists into different endings and is played through text messages and answering or ignoring phone calls. Steins;Gate also became popular as anime in 2011 even though it was first developed as a visual novel by 5pb and Nitroplus.

Steins;Gate first released on Xbox 360 in 2009. Critics have responded quite well to the game and a review at the Otaku Study rated all its components with an A. After years of waiting, the game finally made it into the PC platform in 2014 and will now be available for PS Vita and PlayStation 3 in Summer.

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[Image via Otaku Study]