Beyonce Supports Hillary Clinton

Beyonce Makes Surprise Appearance To Support Hilary Clinton At Fundraiser

Beyonce made a special appearance Wednesday night to show support for the presidential candidate who has her vote, none other than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Beyonce appeared at the New York City fundraiser sans hubby, causing Salon to comment, “Hillary can stop campaigning now.”

According to New York Daily News, “The fund-raiser was hosted by Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid and his wife” at his Upper East Side home.

Reid was more than happy to share his support for Clinton on Twitter by posting a picture of himself with the presidential hopeful.

Beyonce, a longtime supporter of the Democratic party, also took part in multiple fundraisers for President Barrack Obama with Beyonce even performing the National Anthem at Obama’s second inauguration. While Salon has said, “it’s doubtful she’ll reprise should Clinton win,” Beyonce is more than happy to show her support by attending fundraisers such as Wednesday night’s shindig.

Beyonce wasn’t the only female powerhouse in attendance to show support for Clinton. Sharon Osbourne along with “All About That Bass” popstar, Meghan Trainor attended the political fundraiser.

With so much support, Clinton felt more than comfortable to share “how she’d twice refused Obama’s offer to make her Secretary of State before Bill reminded her, ‘You turned me down twice, too,” according to Page Six.

Reid’s fundraiser wasn’t the only one Clinton attended Wednesday night. The presidential hopeful also attended two more events, “a fundraiser hosted by financier Steve Rattner” and “another $2,700-a-head get-together, hosted by hedge-fund billionaire and Bill Clinton friend Mark Lasry and his wife, Kathy,” according to Politico.

Feeling so supported, Clinton was able to joke about the pattern of presidents leaving the White House with some gray hair saying, “That’s not going to happen to me, I’ve been dying my hair blond for years.”

So how exactly do people feel about Beyonce’s open support of Clinton and her presidential campaign? While some are applauding Beyonce’s choice, others are knocking Clinton, saying mockingly, “Beyonce is pure struggling middle class,” and “my condolences.”

Whether it hurt or helped, Beyonce has no problems showing support for the woman she thinks should be our next president, Hillary Clinton.

[Photo Courtesy of Centrictv]