Sami Zayn WWE NXT Takeover

WWE News: Very Latest On Sami Zayn’s Status For ‘WWE NXT Takeover: Unstoppable’

The WWE Universe has wondered for weeks if Sami Zayn will be healthy enough to wrestle Kevin Owens at WWE NXT Takeover: Unstoppable next week. First and foremost, Zayn sustained an injury before his match against John Cena two weeks ago on WWE Raw. At the time, the only update the WWE provided was that Zayn had an MRI scheduled to see what the diagnosis was.

To this day, the WWE fans still don’t know what is wrong with Zayn’s shoulder. Rumors still continue to float around that it’s a tear or separation, but wrestling with a shoulder tear is nothing to joke about. Without any confirmation from WWE’s camp, it’s only appropriate to assume that Zayn is healthy enough to compete.

Last night on WWE NXT, Zayn talked about his injury that happened on WWE Raw. WWE is going with the story that Zayn felt his shoulder pop out 30 seconds into the match, even though reports say Zayn was injured before the match ever began. Despite his announcement, it looks like the WWE fanbase can rest easy.

According to, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will take place at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable.

“It’s possible plans can change. If they knew for certain he was out of action, an announcement would have made in some way either on Raw or NXT so they could promote any changes made for Takeover. By not saying anything it gives them another couple of days for Sami to rest and doctors to reevaluate his condition.”

Zayn is one of the toughest competitors in the WWE. It was proven by wrestling with a shoulder injury that clearly plagued him the entire match. WWE is running into problems with their WWE NXT tapings. Hideo Itami and Sami Zayn both sustained injuries in the last week. However, both were on WWE NXT last night.

On top of that, Itami and Zayn are scheduled to wrestle at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable next week on May 20. To elaborate more on Sami Zayn, the WWE Universe should hope that he only suffered a dislocation, instead of a separation. A dislocation is the top of the arm bone popping out of the shoulder joint. A separation occurs when a fall or blow tears one of the ligaments that connects the collarbone to the shoulder blade.

A severe separation, with surgery included, can last over two months, with six weeks in a sling. As for a dislocation, that can last anywhere from three to 12 weeks. The WWE still hasn’t said the official diagnosis, but the WWE fans should hope for no serious injury at all. If he will be out for a long time, it’s most likely a separation.

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