Cameron Brown Threw Daughter Off Cliff To Avoid Child Support Obligations

Cameron Brown has been convicted of killing his daughter, after nearly 15 years of courtroom drama. This case has endured two mistrials by two different juries, but on Wednesday his conviction was finally announced by a Los Angeles judge. USA Today reports that the 53-year-old could not ultimately prove his innocence without doubt, but the prosecution was finally able to completely close this case. Will the convicted killer’s punishment fit his crime?

Back in November 2000, Brown’s four-year-old daughter suffered fatal injuries in what he has long-insisted was an accidental fall. The child had plummeted off a 120-foot cliff to her death in Rancho Palos Verdes. The Daily Mail reports that the child’s injuries were not indicative of an accidental fall. Cameron Brown reportedly threw his four-year-old daughter Lauren Sarene Key from the cliff to purposely end her life — and he did it because he did not want to pay child support.

Brown was in the middle of a bitter fallout with the mother of his child, Sarah Key-Marer. It was revealed that he never wanted his daughter, and resented that the girl’s mother didn’t get an abortion. That is why he presumably threw the child from the cliff to her death, but he continues to declare his innocence. At the time of the incident he tried to push it off as a tragic accident, but he couldn’t fool police and he couldn’t fool a jury of his peers — not three times in a row, at least. Up until this week’s verdict, two different juries couldn’t decide on whether Cameron was guilty of manslaughter or premeditated murder.

This week’s verdict may not have shocked Cameron Brown, but he did refuse to give a statement after the judge addressed him.

“Judge, I’m innocent, I have no comment.”

Brown faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole, but his official sentencing date isn’t until next month. It hasn’t been reported in any new articles whether or not the death penalty is on the table in this case, nor have there been any other sentencing options mentioned in the latest reports. The slain child’s mother is hopeful that justice will be served once and for all, and that her ex will finally be held accountable for her tragic and premeditated death.

Do you agree with the jury’s verdict this time around, or do you think that Cameron Brown has been unfairly convicted? Keep in mind that there has been some controversy surrounding his lengthy imprisonment, which until this week went years without conviction.

Photo: Brown family photos