Days of Our Lives spoilers: Stefano wants to kill Marlena, Will Chad help save her?

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Stefano Wants Marlena Dead, Roman And Abe Ask Chad For Help

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, May 14 reveal that Stefano DiMera will threaten Marlena Evan’s life. We Love Soaps reports that Stefano believes Marlena should die as revenge for her part in his adoptive daughter Kristen’s death. Viewers may remember that Stefano has tried to kill Marlena many times in the past but has always been obsessed with her, even deeming her his “Queen of the Night.”

However, it looks like Stefano may have hit his breaking point this time. He is a father that has lost so many of his children, including Tony, EJ, Lexi, and now Kristen. He wants someone to blame and thinks seeking revenge will make him feel better.

Meanwhile, the Salem P.D. will get wind of Marlena’s disappearance and link it back to Stefano in Italy. Abe and Roman will have nowhere to turn and will look to Stefano’s own son, Chad DiMera, for help. The two will come to Chad to ask him to reach out to his father and help them save Marlena’s life, appealing to the good guy that still obviously lives inside Chad, the same goodness that Abigail has seen and is still attracted to.

While Roman and Abe scramble to save Marlena’s life, Daniel will try to put his back together. He realizes that he actually does want to be with Nicole and will attempt to get her back. While Nicole does love Daniel, she wants too badly to find out what Xander and Serena are up to together, so she’ll put him off and push him away in order to keep Xander close to her. This is obviously going to backfire on Nicole as it always does.

When Daniel finds out that Nicole was trying to take down Serena yet again, he’ll be questioning Nicole’s love for him and her former fiance Eric Brady. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Days of Our Lives has fired actress Melissa Archer, so it seems that Eric and Serena will soon be over and he’ll be single again. Will he and Nicole find their way back to one another?

All the while, Days of Our Lives fans will be seeing some serious drama from Paige, Eve, and JJ soon. Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that JJ and Eve’s affair will be exposed to Paige, and that both she and her mother could possibly be pregnant by JJ, which would be a crazy twist in the story.

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