NFL Rule Changes 2015: Extra Point Change Could Revolutionize The Game

NFL Rule Changes 2015: Extra Point Change Could Make Tim Tebow The League’s Most Important Player

The NFL is looking into a rule change for 2015 that could revolutionize the game and make former castoff Tim Tebow the most intriguing — and possibly most important — player in the league.

This year, the league is looking into a proposal that would move the extra point from the 2-yard line back to the 15-yard line. While that would make it a 32-yard kick — still a gimme for pretty much every kicker in the league — it’s another proposal that would cause a seismic change in the league.

The proposal –which comes from the New England Patriots — would also move the two-point conversion from the 2-yard line up to the 1-yard line, making it a much easier proposition and leading to what would likely be more attempts for two.

The Eagles have submitted a similar proposal but added another twist. They have proposed that the defense would be allowed to return a fumble or interception for a score, similar to the system currently used in college. While that would add another exciting twist, it might also make the 2015 NFL rule change proposal a little more likely to pass because it doesn’t shift the advantage entirely to the offense.

Eagles coach Chip Kelly is likely the league’s biggest proponent of the two-point conversion. As coach of the Oregon Ducks, he often went for two, even in situations where it was not necessary.

The new NFL rule change could do the same across the league. Since its adoption in 1994, it has been used almost exclusively as a last resort. Many NFL coaches even keep a “cheat” card that tells them what situations call for a two-point conversion.

Chip Kelly may already be preparing for the NFL rule change. This offseason he signed quarterback Tim Tebow, whose otherwise limited skill set has one important distinction — he’s nearly impossible to stop in short yardage situations.

The Denver Post’s Mike Klis believes Chip Kelly has signed Tebow to be his two-point specialist.

“During Tebow’s two-year term with the Broncos in 2010-11, I often proposed that coaches Josh McDaniels and John Fox should go for two every time. It was not unrealistic to expect the multi-option Tebow to convert 3 of 4, 2-pointers in a game for 6 points. Make 4 of 4 kicks and it’s 4 points.

“Tebow rushed for 4 touchdowns of 2 yards or less in his two Bronco seasons and was 2 of 2 in 2-point rushing attempts during his magical 2011 season.”

Chip Kelly may find out soon if his two-point plans will pay off. The 2015 NFL rule changes will be voted on when the NFL Spring Meeting kicks off next week.

[Image via Getty Images/Doug Pensinger]