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WWE News: UFC Star Ronda Rousey Claims She Will Return To WWE, Despite What Dana White Claims

UFC President Dana White has come out to say that UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey wouldn’t be returning to WWE as she is “one and done” with them. He claims it was a one-off deal that allowed her to perform in a segment on WrestleMania 31. It was a great segment, and while it did run very long, it was still a great part of the show. Rousey’s agent has also come out to say that Ronda is done with WWE. Yet no one has heard from Ronda Rousey herself.

Finally, we heard from Rousey and we got the answer we all knew would come from her. Ronda claims that she wants to return to the WWE one day.

She told The MMA Hour that she’s “going to find a way” to get back to WWE. She said “somehow” she will get back, but she doesn’t know when.

She claimed that although she wants to come back, she doesn’t “know how it would be possible in the foreseeable future. It’s definitely not possible for a very, very long time, I have an extremely full schedule.”

Rousey has to fight later this year and will be working on other movie projects. Right now, she is going to focused on training for her fight and promoting the new movie she is in, Entourage.

She is also promoting her new book, My Fight/Your Fight, which has received great reviews thus far. So Ronda is certainly not lying about a busy schedule.

Most believe that she’ll never be able to return to WWE until her UFC deal expires. While Dana White and anyone from the UFC management system will continue to tell all who will hear it that Ronda Rousey is never going back to WWE, that is certainly not factual. We knew when Ronda was asked that she would tell the world that she wants to go back to WWE. However, it’s obvious that the higher-ups in UFC do not want this.

Ronda Rousey is UFC’s biggest draw currently. With the loss of Jon Jones, there is no one even close to what Rousey can bring to the table box office wise. Her work with Hollywood and even WWE has only helped her name grow. Obviously, UFC doesn’t want to lose her. However, Rousey has a lot of interests. Her deal with UFC makes it impossible to return to WWE without the company’s permission, and it’s unlikely Dana White will ever give it to her. At the end of the day, though, once her UFC deal expires, Rousey can do whatever she wants. The problem is, that deal won’t expire for some time.

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